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Movie Review - Lucky Number Slevin

Updated on October 3, 2010

This movie is a little masterpiece in smart storylines, clever dialogue and great acting. As a viewer you are intrigued from the start, and just waiting to find out what is going on. The story is about Slevin Kelavra (Josh Hartnett) who comes to New York to visit a friend. But when he arrives he gets robbed and his wallet gets stolen. He goes to his friends apartment, but doesn’t find his friend Nick there. He just moves in anyway, and soon he gets picked up to see the first of two big criminals in the city. The Boss tells him Nick owes him money, but since he cannot pay, he has to kill the sun of the Rabbi, the other big criminal. Right after Slevin gets dropped off at Nick’s apartment again, lackeys of the Rabbi pick him up. Nick owes him money too, and he gets 48 hours to get it together. But Slevin does not have the money, and still doesn’t know where Nick is. He meets the girl who lives across the hall from Nick, Lindsey (played by Lucy Liu) and she tries to help him sort all this out. Together they plan to do whatever they need to, to get out of this icky situation. But there is also Goodcat (Bruce Willis), the mysterious killer, who gets hired to do the special jobs no one else wants to do. Why is he in town, who does he work for, and what does he want?

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I thought the movie was brilliant and manages to keep that up from beginning to end. The viewer only gets small snippets of information at the time, but slowly the puzzle starts to come together. The storyline is really clever, and you don’t start to assume you know anything until right up to the end.

Josh Hartnett is great as the stoic Slevin. He seems very accepting of his faith and just goes along with the mix-up. I think Josh Hartnett is a great actor, and in this movie he plays it cool. His chemistry with Lucy Liu is great though, and they really work well together. She too seems rather unfazed by the strange events going on. Bruce Willis is ubercool as well, as he seems to execute his plans without any emotion. But what these plans are, is kept in the dark up until the end. But with all the main actors playing it cool, this did turn into an super fast and intriguing film, where the emotions of some of the other characters do run high. Another favourite in this film is Stanley Tucci, who plays a cop, who is just as puzzled by what is going on as the movie audience. Ben Kingsley and Morgan Freeman play the two crime bosses, respectively the Rabbi and the Boss. Quite the allstar cast.

It is a bit hard to explain too much without giving away crucial information which might ruin this film for you. So I will just stop here, and tell you, you absolutely have to go see Lucky Number Slevin. It is brilliantly crafted together, and you will want to watch it several times to really get every detail!


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