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Movie Review: Maze Runner - The Scorch Trials 2015

Updated on September 28, 2015

I have been waiting for this sequel ever since I saw the first “Maze runner” movie, which was truly a good one, filled with unexpected, action and mystery. On the short note, the first maze runner opened my taste for this type of movie and set the bar high for the sequels.

The Plot

The Scorch Trials takes place after they are saved from the maze, and they are apparently in a safe place now, far away from “Wicked”. But of course that the movie can't be that simple and something has to occur in that “safe place” which will make them run from there as well.

They find out about an organization that saves young children like them, the ones that are immune to the virus that took control over the world's population, from the people from Wicked who say they want to save the world by creating an antivirus from their blood, and yet no evidence are presented in that direction.

The group that escapes is led by the same Thomas, but with a little help from the newcomer Aris, through what seems to be a desert and then an abandoned town. What I don't like about this movie is its resemblance with a lot of other “virus-killing-population-movies”. If you remember “I am Legend” with Will Smith it seems like they've borrowed the zombies from that movie, copying them to the letter, and even the town looks the same, and also looks like the one in “Insurgent”. I was disappointed regarding this because they lacked the imagination here.

They have also used the same name in two different characters, although I think this one in on the author not the writers since they didn't come up with the names. We have a character named George, and another one named Jorge, which is George in Spanish. There are millions of names in the world, couldn't he avoid using the same name twice? Or is it that if it is from Spain it is always Jorge or Antonio, from Russia is always Igor or Dimitri and so on? I hope he does know these countries also have other names there, they aren't all called the same.

Excepting these minor facts, the movie is quite good and unexpected. I was pleased to see a movie that I couldn't wait to see what they will bring next to stage, what action will take place now, where will the characters end next and what will happen there. Anything I might have created in my mind while watching the movie was nowhere near what really happened in the story.

I didn't like that they captured Minho, which is the character I like the most in this story even if he's not saying all that much, he has a certain something. I think I know what they will find out in the next part, maybe that Ava has the virus as well and this is why she needed that much blood from the immune. In this part we find out that the life of infected people can be prolonged by giving them immune blood, but they can't be saved and they will always need more, so I am thinking this is why Ava is always trying to get more blood from these kids. I guess we will see if I was right in the third part.

To See Or Not To See

This is definitely a “to see” one. The movie is really good, the storyline is good and unpredictable, which is quite rare these days, so kudos to the author here, the characters play their part well, and the special effects are a nice point as well.

Again, there was no need to be in 3D since the elements aren't there to make it attractive from that point of view, but apparently directors all throw that 3D stamp these days on any movie they make, no matter if it delivers or not.

You should see this movie, in case you haven't already, and if you do, let me know what you thought about it.

Enjoy :)


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