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Movie Review: Miracle (Ice Hockey)

Updated on May 7, 2014

Herb Brooks


Movie Overview

Miracle was released in 2004 and stars Kurt Russell as coach Herb Brooks. Of course, what makes this movie so good is that it's based on a true story. And what a story it was as you may find out if you watch this movie.

Although I don't like Disney movies, and I would recommend fast forwarding through all the garbage previews, this movie doesn't seem to have any hidden agendas. I like it because there is no cursing, sex scenes or other commandment breaking moments in the movie. As a Christian there are very few movies I can actually watch anymore, but this one passed inspection if you fast-forward the previews and don't listen to the credits music.

With that said, this movie is rated PG. Also to note, Kurt Russell does an excellent job in this move acting as Herb Brooks. The acting otherwise was top notch as well.


A Compelling Story

Already you know the ending, but still you have a hard time believing it until you watch the movie. See, the Russians are the arch enemy of the US at the end of the cold war era in the late 70's. This is fueled by the Russians having the most dominating ice Hockey team in the world for 16 years.

The part of the story that is the most compelling is the coach's story. Herb Brooks was on the 1960 US hockey team and even was in the team picture, but was cut one day before the team went to play in the Olympics. The team went on to win the gold, and Herb missed out on this. Herb went on to coach hockey and be very successful, and one day got the job as the head coach for the Olympic team.

The trouble was that no-one gave the US men's hockey players a chance against the Russians and the best teams of the world. The players back then were amateurs, so players who were basically the best college players who weren't playing pro yet. The Russians on the other hand, were supposedly amateurs, but were seasoned pros in reality, as the communistic regime bred their players like a branch of their military. So the US players were a bunch of young men around 21 years old, while the Russians were about an average of 32 years old.

Despite all the odds Herb is determined to make this group of young men into a team that can beat the Russians. It's great to see the struggle here, as Herb defies the higher ups on the Olympic committees who merely wanted to not get embarrassed like they had been the last few Olympics. If the Russians were the main antagonist, then these higher ups were second.

This sets the scene for this compelling true story to unfold. If you do like Hockey, you will enjoy this movie even more, as it shows a lot of playing and skills on the ice. The players practicing and learning to become the best they can under this difficult coach believing in the impossible.


Do You Remember When They Won The Gold in 1980?

See results

Why You'll Want to See Miracle

This movie tells us something about our own life. It tells us we can do things other people think are impossible. The determination and mental fortitude to believe in yourself and inspire the best out of yourself is magnified in this movie by the players getting great leadership from Herb Brooks.

Herb Brooks didn't live long after this victory in 1980, but he accomplished something that was a life time dream ever since he was let go of that 1960 Hockey team before they went on to win the gold. His curtailed and borderline repressed demeanor is riveted with joy in this victory for the ages. This could be and is considered one of the greatest sports stories of all-time.

Miracle is a testament of what good honest leadership can inspire us to do in life. It makes us look at who our leaders are, and whether we are being good leaders to those who follow us. I won't go into a commentary of the political leadership of the world, in as much as to say, they should watch this movie too.

Documentary of the 1980 US Hockey Team (Watch the movie first though)


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    • Ruthbro profile image

      Ruthbro 4 years ago from USA


    • Lowdown0 profile image

      Robbie Newport 4 years ago from Eugene, Oregon

      Well, this is a good one for the family in my opinion. And it's a longer movie at 136 minutes which I like to, cause when you are just getting into a movie and then it's over that is disappointing.

      Stay tunes, I will do some more movie review on some other safe movies that we've found and are just great to watch.

    • Ruthbro profile image

      Ruthbro 4 years ago from USA

      Interesting! I am always looking for good family movies that all family memberscan watch.


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