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Movie Review: Miss Sloane

Updated on December 13, 2016

General Synopsis

Elizabeth Sloane (Jessica Chastain) is one of D.C.'s most reputable and most cunning political lobbyists. She has had a very successful career until she is faced with the issue of gun control. Miss Sloane decides to take on her toughest challenge yet and oppose the anti-gun control party. Sloane soon realizes that taking on such a formidable challenge will come at a price.

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The Pros

  • Jessica Chastain - Ever since she first came onto my radar, Jessica Chastain has impressed me more and more with each role. Miss Sloane is no exception as Jessica Chastain's performance is nothing short of phenomena. The Elizabeth Sloane is a fascinatingly complex character, showing both strength and vulnerability at the same time. Sloane is strong and vulnerable, she is brilliant yet has her issues. I cannot name an actress who could have played this better than Jessica Chastain. In scenes where she comes across as strong on the surface, I could still feel the pain she felt underneath. This is a strong year for lead actress performances, but Chastain deserves an Oscar nomination for this role.
  • Gun Control? - This movie takes a very obvious stance on the issue of gun control that currently faces the United States of America. Whether or not you agree with the opinion that this movie has, you cannot deny that there is a problem. I've seen too many reviews for this movie that criticize it because the reviewer disagrees with the opinion of Miss Sloane. This is an absurd and ridiculous way to review any movie. I cannot criticize or reward a movie based on the opinion it chooses. I will reward Miss Sloane for centering a movie around such a controversial issue. I thought the whole lobbying process to be very interesting in this movie. It addresses the fact that it really doesn't matter which side is right, what matters is which side has more money. This isn't a concept that should surprise anyone but it was still cool to see this movie tackle that issue with a focus on guns.
  • Kept Me Guessing - This is a movie that keeps you guessing in the best way. It is not one that will conveniently omit key plot points and pretend it is a unpredictable movie. I really had no idea how this movie would play out and it was a lot of fun to go along for the ride. It is a movie a may even have to watch a second time to see if there were obvious clues hidden throughout the movie that I completely missed. Any movie that can keep me guessing significantly increases it's interest level in my eyes.


The Cons

  • Jake Lacey - While I like this actor and I like when he pops up in movies, I thought his character in Miss Sloane was severly unnecessary. The character pops up a few times and is meant to provide an emotional arc for Miss Sloane, but it did not work for me. Instead this storyline just felt pointless. While this was such an unnecessary role, I think that the actor is one to keep your eye on as I see a lot of great movies in his future.
  • Miss Sloane's Past - This was probably my biggest issue with the movie, I wanted more of Miss Sloane! Honestly if this is my biggest problem with the movie, it shows how interested I am in the character. Miss Sloane is portrayed as being a lying, egotistical and genius lobbyist who cannot relate to others. She mentions having a difficult past that made her this way but the movie never explores it. I want to know what was difficult about her past. I want to see even more complexity in this character because I know Jessica Chastain can deliver.


Rating: A

I had a couple of minor issues with Miss Sloane, but that is only a result of me trying to find things I did not like. Ultimately I found Jake Lacey's character to be unnecessary and I would have liked to have seen more from Miss Sloane's past. However, I thought this movie was great. Jessica Chastain probably gives one of her best performance yet and she has had some great performances over the past few years. She plays a very complex character with some very compelling character traits. I also really appreciate a movie that tries to tackle tough issues such as gun control. This movie shows just how complicated and broken our political system is regardless of where you fall on the issue of gun control. I really enjoyed this movie so I encourage you to check it out.

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