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Movie Review Mondays: Gone Girl

Updated on March 2, 2015

The Book

Gone Girl is based on a novel by Gillian Flynn. I have not read the book yet. Though I have planned to for a while now. Books are usually better than movies, so after watching the movie, I can not wait to read the book.

My Review

I think the movie was very good. It had a lot of twist and turns and kept you on your feet. It was hard to believe how crazy Amy was. I defiantly recommend you to watch this movie. It's a little long so plan to be watching it for a while. The only reason I gave it 4.5 stars instead of 5 stars. Were there were a couple moments in the movie where you could easily guess what would happen next. I can not wait to read the book and compare the stories.

The Characters.

Gone girl features:

Rosamond Pike, Who plays Amy Dunne. Amy spent her whole life in the spotlight. Her parents wrote a series of books based on Amy's childhood, called Amazing Amy. Even though Amazing Amy tended to have a better life than Amy. She seems to resent the books, but it left her with a hefty trust fund. Amy is beyond intelligent, she went to Harvard, and is a writer. She falls head over heels in love when she meets Nick. She is the cool girl type of girlfriend, that lets her man do what he wants. They have an amazing love life. Though you find out later her cool girl attitude is just an act.

Ben Affleck, Plays Nick Dunne. In the beginning Nick seems to really love his wife. She makes him feel amazing. But after both of them lose their jobs. And her parents borrow money from her trust fund. They end up some what broke. His mom gets sick and they move to Missouri. He opens up a bar with his twin sister, with money he borrowed from Amy. He also teaches writing on the side. His wife seems to turn into a different person. He starts to hate her. He ends up cheating on her with one of his writing students. On his 5th anniversary he plans on asking for a divorce.

Tyler Perry is Tanner Bolt, Nick's amazing lawyer. Tanner tends to work on a lot of high profile cases.

Neil Pattrick Harris is Desi Collings, A guy Amy dated in boarding school. She claims he stalked her when she was young. And even as an adult he still seems some what obsessed with her.

Carrie Coon is Margo Dunne. Nick's twin sister. She is always there for him. And helps him through his troubled time.


The Plot

Here come the Spoilers.

The plot goes back and forth between Nick and Amy. In the beginning, Nick and Amy seem like the perfect couple. But after moving to Missouri they seem to really resent and hate each other.

On their 5th wedding anniversary, Nick goes out for coffee, he goes to the beach to think about their relationship. He plans when he gets home to break off their marriage with Amy. He goes to his bar and talks with his sister. He goes home because his neighbor calls him to let him know his cat was outside.

When he arrives home, he doesn't find his wife. Instead in the living room, the glass coffee table is shattered. He calls the cops. The cops come, and walk through the whole house. Where they find some blood splattered on the kitchen cabinets.

Every anniversary Amy does a scavenger hunt for Nick. She writes clues and places them around the town.

When the cops were looking through the house they find the first clue. Which leads them to Nicks office. Where they find another clue and a pair of red panties. That clue talks about a little brown house. Which Nick claims he doesn't know.

Later Nick goes on his own to his dad's house. Which is a blue house. But when his dad suffered from Alzheimer's he would call it brown. When he gets their he can not figure out the alarm code, making the alarm go off. He finds the 3rd clue on the table, which talks about storing wood. And Nick has no idea what it means.

Since the alarm is going off, the cops come and find Nick there. They question him why his there, he claims because he once a week checks on his dad's house. He goes to his sisters to stay the night because the cops are still going through his house.

His sister and him are really close. She pours him a drink and they go to bed. The next morning he is at a press conference with Amy's parents. He ends up smiling for the camera, which makes him look very guilty.

The cops find out the Dunne's are having a lot of financial problems. They also find a bunch of credit card statements with expensive golf clubs, and TV's on it. They find out he took a large life insurance policy out on Amy. A pregnant neighbor stops by and says she is Amy's best friend. When they ask Nick who the Neighbor is he says he doesn't know.

While he staying at his sister's house, his very young mistress stops by. She spends the night and he promises her the next morning that he will call her every day. His sister catches them and screams at him. She is starts to wondering if he is really innocent.

The cops comb through the dad's house and find Amy's diary in the furnace, that was lightly burned. In the diary Amy states all the abuse she suffered at the hands of Nick. That she was afraid of him. She thought he might kill her.

He does another press conference professing his love for his wife and how he wants her home. The mistress is at the press conference. And isn't to happy with the words Nick is saying. Then the woman claiming to be Amy's best friend shouts that Amy was 6 weeks pregnant. Nick runs off with all the press following him.

At this point you start to think he really killed his wife.

He is asked about the pregnancy by the cops and he claims he didn't know. His sister stops by his house. Where he tells her that Amy never wanted children. That he had his sperm banked and she through the letter from the sperm bank in the garbage. His sister tells him that she loves him and he can tell her anything. He said are you asking me if I killed my wife. She said she would never asks him that, and storms off.

He than realizes what the 3rd clue means. He goes to his sister woodshed. Where he finds all the expensive stuff on the credit card statements. Along with a wrapped present.

He shows his sister the shed. And they open the box together. Inside the box lay two wooden puppets. One is a man with a bat. And the other is a mother holding a baby. Inside is a note from Amy basically stating that Nick will be going to prison.

This leads you to realize Amy planned the whole thing. It flashes to her planning everything. From writing the fake journal. To leaving blood traces in the kitchen. She makes friends with the pregnant neighbor and tells her made up stories about Nick's abuse. She steals her neighbor's urine and fakes a pregnancy test. She cuts her hair off, dyes it brown and wears fake glasses. She plans to kill herself, by taking a bunch of pill and drowning in the river. So it looks like Nick dumped her body there.

Nick hirers Tanner Bolt as his lawyer. He tells Tanner his story and how he thinks Amy is setting him up. Nick than tracks down other men that Amy claimed hurt her. He talks with a man that Amy said raped her. The guy denies he did anything to her. And that Amy set him up. Nick than goes to Desi Collings house. Amy had filed charges on Desi for stalking her. But Desi doesn't want to talk with Nick.

Amy stays in a cabin type motel. Where she befriends a man and a woman staying there. She keeps post poning the day she plans on killing herself. Until she finally decides not to. She seems obsessed with watching the story about her missing on the news. While playing miniature golf with her friends, she drops her entire wad of savings on the ground by accident. Her friends see the wad of cash, and Amy claims it's all ones. The next day she starts packing up to leave the motel. Her friends knock on the door. She lets them in, and they rob her of her wad of cash.

This leave Amy completely broke. So she calls up Desi and he agrees to help her. He lets her stay in his cabin. He buys her hair dye to dye her hair back and new clothes. He does seem some what obsessed with her. So it makes you wonder if he really did stalk her.

Nick goes on national television to talk about his affair. He then professes his love for his wife. In hopes to draw Amy out of hiding. He does a great job, and is very believable.

Amy and Desi watch the broadcast together. She believes Nick and decides she wants to go back to him. She sets Desi up by making it look like he kidnapped her. She ends up killing Desi, and makes it look like self defense. She drives to Nick's house all bloody and falls into his arms as the paparazzi documents it.

Amy takes a shower and says she will explain everything to Nick if he gets naked so she knows he is not wearing a wire. She tells him she killed Desi.

Nick plans to leave Amy. And talks about it with his sister, his lawyer, and a cop that doesn't believe Amy was kidnapped by Desi.

Amy and Nick plan to do an interview on t.v. Nick plans tell the world who Amy really is. Right before the interview Amy tells Nick that she took his sperm out of the sperm bank and now is pregnant. She said how horrible would it look if he left his pregnant wife who was just kidnapped. Nick doesn't believe that he would get custody of the baby. So now he is forced to stay with Amy for the next 18 years to ensure the babies safety.


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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Great review! I had planned to watch the movie but never got to it. Plot is very interesting with lot of twists.


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