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Movie Review Mondays: Mocking Jay Part One

Updated on March 16, 2015

The books:

Mocking Jay is apart of the Hunger Games Trilogy. The movies are based on a book series by Suzanne Collins. It's a 3 part series: Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and Mocking Jay. I loved this series. I recommend reading all three books. I couldn't put any of them books down. For about a week they were my addiction.


The Characters:

Katniss Everdean: Is played by Jennifer Lawrence. Katniss Is the main character. She took her sister's place to save her from the Hunger games. She fought in two Hunger Games and won her life. Now she is the face of the revolution against the capital.

Peeta Mellark: is played by Josh Hutcherson. Peeta is another main character. He was drawn to participate in the Hunger Games. He and Katniss found a way for both of them to win, Until they placed them in the games again. At the end of the 2nd game he was captured by the capital and held hostage.

Gale Hawthrone: is played by Liam Hemsworth. Gale is Katniss friend before the Hunger Games. They were hunting buddies and looked out for each other's family. Now he is a soldier against the capital and Katniss support.

Haymitch Abernathy: is played by Woody Harrelson. Haymitch is an alcoholic that used to mentor Peeta and Katniss. When he was younger he was in the Hunger Games himself and won. In Mocking Jay he is trying to detox and trying to help Katniss be the Mocking Jay.

President Coin: is played by Juliann Moore. President Coin is the leader of District 13.

Finnick Odair: is played by Sam Claflin. Finnick also won the hunger games and was forced to play a second time. He was rescued by District 13 when they rescued Katniss from the Hunger Games. When he was rescued they Capital kid napped his girlfriend Annie for revenge.

President Snow: is played by Donald Sutherland. President Snow is evil. He loves the hunger games and will do anything to keep the capital as the leader of the districts. He will bomb, shoot, or hurt anyone that stands in his way.

My Review:

Although I loved the Hunger Games and Catching Fire movies. I didn't care for Mocking Jay part one. I think they should have made the book into one movie. Instead of splitting it into two movies. In the book Mocking Jay the first couple chapters talk about district 13. And how they convince Katniss to be the Mocking Jay, so she can convince other's in the revolution against the capital. The rest of the book Katniss is helping fight against the capital. So when they spilt the book, the movie Mocking Jay part one, is kind of slow. It's the beginning part of the book where they are explaining everything. There is very little action, and doesn't keep you on your feet. If they had it be just one longer movie there would be much more action. There is also apart towards the end of the movie where Peeta does something crazy and the screen goes black. I think the movie should have ended there. It would of left people who didn't know what was going to happen wonder why Peeta did that and make them want to see Mocking Jay part two. Instead the movie goes on for about 10 minutes more and explains why Peeta did that.

If I didn't read the books, based on how slow the movie was, I don't know if I would want to see Mocking Jay part two. If you haven't read the books, I recommend reading them. I wouldn't watch Mocking Jay part one without seeing the Hunger Games, or Catching Fire movies. You might be confused a little. If you have seen all the movies and you didn't care for Mocking Jay part one. I still recommend you watching part two anyway when it comes out, because based on the book, there should be a lot more action in part two.


Katniss lives in a world that is separated by districts. Each district is known for something. District one makes expensive items like Jewelry. District two is for making weapons. District 3 is specializes in electronics. District 4 is known for their fishing. District 5 runs the power plant. District 6 specializes in transportation. District 7 is lumber and paper. District 8 makes cloth, District 9 specializes in producing grain. District 10 takes care of the livestock. District 11 is the garden district producing agriculture. District 12 produces coal. Katniss is from District 12. Then there is the Capital which rules all the districts. The Capital tries to make everyone believe that because District 13 didn't follow the rules so Capital blew them up, to where there is nothing left. This makes everyone scared of the Capital. Even though the district produce food and electricity and clothing. The districts give everything over to the Capital. The Capital rations small amounts that they give to the districts. The districts go hungry and have very little. While the Capital lives the life of luxury. With endless supplies of expensive clothing and food.

The Capital created Hunger Games, where two children from each district fight to the death. There is only one victor. After winning the Hunger Games the victor gets to live in a mansion and a life of luxury. Though it may sound appealing to go from being poor to living in a mansion, kids have to kill each other to get there. And after they one they have to become mentors to future kids who are drawn for the Hunger games. Every a boy and a girl, are drawn to fight, all the while it is broadcasted for the districts to watch.

In the movie the Hunger Games, Katniss's sister name is drawn and so is Peeta's. Katniss volunteers to fight in the place of her sister. Katniss and Peeta fight the other kids from the districts until there is only the two of them left. Instead of killing each other they decide to pretend to be in love. And they pull a Romeo and Juliette and plan to kill themselves. The Capital stops them before they do this, because there has to be one victor. The Capital decides to let both of them live, even though President Snow is severely unhappy about it.

In the movie Catching Fire, Peeta and Katniss have to go on tour as the victors. They end up truly falling for each other. To get them back for what they did in the hunger games President Snow decides, instead of pulling new names from the districts, he is going to make the victors of each district fight each other. Since there is only 3 victors from District 12 it will guarantee Peeta or Katniss will be fighting again. Haymitch and Katniss names are drawn, but Petta volunteers for Haymitch's place. Katniss and Peeta enter the hunger games for a second time to fight to the death against other victors. Katniss and Peeta don't know it, but District 13 never was demolished. And they are starting a revolution against the Capital. Some of the other victor's are in on it, and are making sure Katniss and Peeta survive. They plan to blow up the arena. It doesn't work. Katniss ends up shooting the atmosphere to break the forcefeild, District 13 flies in and rescues Katniss and some of the other victors. Leaving Peeta behind.

Mocking Jay part one. Katniss is taken to district 13, where she finds out what happened and the rebellion they were planning. She is understandably upset that they left Peeta behind to be captured by the capital.

They tell Katniss about the revolution and how they plan to bring down the Capital. But they want her to be the Mocking Jay so that other districts will join in. She doesn't want to do it, all she can think about is Peeta and the torcer the Capital is putting him through.

They send her to District 12 so she can see what the Capital did to her district. When she gets there she sees skulls of the dead community. The Capital blew district 12 to smithereens but left her mansion intact. Where she finds a white rose from President Snow.

She is reluctant to be the face of the rebellion at first but decides to do it if President Coin agrees to her terms. Which are her sister Primm gets to keep her cat. Gale and Katniss get to hunt, and they rescue Peeta and all the other victors that were captured by the Capital. President Coin agrees.

They try to tape Katniss talking about the revolution against the Capital. But it's forced and not genuine. So Haymitch suggest they send her to another district so she can be herself. She sees a hospital of the injured. They are amazed she is there. The Capital gets word she is in that district and races there to blow it up. When she leaves the hospital, the Capital blows it up. Katniss shoots down the Capital's bombing and faces the camera and tells President Snow if they are going down the Capital is going down with them.

Something terrible is happening to Peeta. Every time the Capital shows him on tv he looks worse and worse. Peeta announces on live tv, that the Capital is on it's way to bomb District 13. Everyone is district 13 race farther underground. Because Peeta's warning no one is hurt.

They decide to rescue Peeta and the others. Gale is apart of the rescue team. No one tells Katniss until after they leave because they know she would try to go with. They rescue Peeta and the others. But it is too easy. It's almost like the Capital let them rescue them.

When Peeta returns he is not himself. Katniss rushes to his room to see him. Instantly Peeta jumps up and chokes Katniss. Someone has to knock Peeta out to get him off her. The screen goes black.

Katniss awakes in a hospital room. She finds out Peeta has been brainwashed into thinking she is the enemy. Peeta is put in isolation. Katniss walks into a room where there is a window, she looks through the window and sees Peeta tied to a bed in a bright white hospital room, screaming and pulling on his restraints.

The movie ends.


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