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Movie Review: My Life (1993)

Updated on June 19, 2013

The Character of Bob Jones

The film My life (1993),features Michal Keaton as Bob Jones and Gail (Nicole Kidman)his wife as the major characters in the movie. After along time with no children, Bob Jones is finally informed that his wife (Nicole Kidman) is heavy with their first child. This makes him to be among the happiest guys in the world. Unfortunately, Jones also receives very bad news from his doctor that he has kidney cancer which may not make him stay long on earth. In particular, the doctor informs him that he has only four months to live. Feeling absolutely desperate about this condition, he visits a Chinese herbal doctor to clarify on the same. The medicine man however tries to encourage him to stop his desperation.

How Bob Jones Character depicts Kubler-Ross’s Stages of Dying

After being informed that he will die in about four months without seeing his first child, Bob Jones begins to make videotapes of himself in which he addresses his unborn child concerning his experiences on earth and also what he wants him to do in his life.After learning also that the child would be a boy, he as well gives directions on the videotape on how the child should be shaved.This reaction by Jones depicts the first stage of Kübler-Ross model of dying where he argues that the feeling of denial for an individual experiencing loss/dying is basically substituted with an increased consciousness of the belongings an individual will leave behind after dying. In this case, Jones was highly concerned about the welfare and life of his highly precious possession, his son.

Another Character of Bob Jones portrayed in this movie is his constant anger, when the sad looking physician informs him about this condition of illness; he becomes exceedingly sad and a desperate man. "Don't you take away my hope! It's all I have left!" He exclaims to the doctor, again portraying a feeling of denial. This feeling of extreme anger is an indication of the second stage of Kubler-Ross’s Stages of dying where he says that during this stage , a person recognises that there is no use of continuing to deny the status per se. Kubler further argues that at this stage, it becomes a bit hard to control the persons feelings and reactions which can be portrayed in various ways.

After losing hope on the common medication in his place, Jones goes to a Chinese traditional healer to see what this one can offer. This action by Jones may be labelled as the third stage ofKubler-Ross’s Stages of Loss/Dying which articulate that during this stage, a person may begin to develop some hope of postponing death. He may go on as far as to look for ways on how he can postpone this death.

The healer however tells him that his greatest problem is not even the disease in him but the great anger and worry of which he abhors inside him. This indicates that Jones, had reached the fourth stage of Kubler-model which stipulates that during this stage, the dying person develops great sense of grieve and anger. The doctor offers to offer him healing by exhausting “the spirit of anger” from him. The acceptance of Jones to be healed in this way shows that this character had reached the final stage of Kublers’ dying model which is acceptance. In accordance to this model, an individual at this last stage accepts that there is nothing he/she can do to salvage himself or herself.


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