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Movie Review - New York I Love You

Updated on October 3, 2010

This movie is a true ode to New York. And it is part of a series. Several international directors come together to film their view on a city, and put it all together. There is already ‘Paris, je t’aime’ and next up are Shanghai and Rio De Janeiro. The directors try to capture all the nostalgia, the good life, and the bad, and all the different people, nationalities and characters trying to live their lives in this crazy city. This is done by showing ten short stories about different people by ten different directors. These are just small fragments of their lives. Some fairly insignificant, and some people at important cross roads in their lives. Some stories very romantic, like the old couple on their 65th anniversary, others more humorous, like the boy taking a girl in a wheel chair to his prom, and trying to sleep with her. Throughout it all is the story of a women making a documentary and filming everything she does for an art project. She runs into all the characters in the movie, but barely talks to any of them, and is their only connection.

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The movie is very endearing, and you can really feel the writer’s and the director’s love for their city New York. But after an hour I was wondering if any of the stories would ever get together and culminate into something more. This never happens, and once I had accepted that I was fine and went back to just enjoying the little pieces of people’s New York lives. But because the movie contains these ten stories, there is never time to get into one more intensely, and this is too bad. Because of this the actors have very little time to develop their characters, and

The acting in the movie is very good, and I was surprised at some of the actors who agreed to do this movie. It is not a big typical Hollywood blockbuster, but it still had some big Hollywood stars. Like Orlando Bloom, who plays a musical composer, falling in love with his boss’ assistant Christina Ricci over the phone. Hayden Christensen, who steals Rachel Bilson from Andy Garcia. Natalie Portman once again with a shaved head, as a Jewish woman. Ethan Hawk as a slick talking, but deep down sort of romantic guy. Drea de Matteo and Bradley Cooper who had a one night stand. Shia LeBeouf as a cripple. Blake Lively as the girl who breaks a boy’s heart on prom night.

It is a nice movie, but do not expect too much of it. It is just a series of short odes to New York and its diversity, nothing more and nothing less. I do hope the next movies in the series will be able to go into the lives of the characters a little deeper, and turn all the separate stories into more of a whole story. 

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