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Movie Review: "Passengers" Starring Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt

Updated on June 13, 2021
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Ara is a journalism graduate from California State University, Northridge, who is always looking to explore his writing opportunities.

"Passengers" actress Jennifer Lawrence seen here in 2015 at the San Diego Comic Con International promoting the movie X-Men: Apocalypse.
"Passengers" actress Jennifer Lawrence seen here in 2015 at the San Diego Comic Con International promoting the movie X-Men: Apocalypse. | Source

Give the Movie "Passengers" a Chance

“Passengers” starring Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt are one of those very interesting science and futuristic kind of movies that I have seen. I always knew that Lawrence could potentially be a fan favorite due to her beautiful eyes, great lips, and overall sexy figure. Though I will say that actress Scarlett Johansson is sexier while Jennifer Lawrence is cuter.

"Passengers" A Brief Review

There is going to be a review of the movie Passengers itself but it is basically a movie about a man that is asleep in a hibernation pod in a starship that is on its way to another planet. The star ship is called Avalon where there are many passengers all of them in a suspended sleep like state. The journey is expected to take 120 years but the man Jim Prentiss (played by Chris Pratt) experiences a malfunction and is awakened 30 years later. Jim himself awakens his love interest writer Aurora Lane (played by Lawrence). Even though it ends up being the hardest decision of his life according to the bartender that plays in that movie, Aurora becomes furious when she finds out that she has been woken up early. Even though Jim tells her that he tried not to wake her up, the thing is that he went to the pod where she was sleeping in and he opened up one of the panels in it causing her to wake up. The movie has everything from interesting conversations between the actors, anger, a feeling of being betrayed, and of course loves between the two main characters in the movie. The ship has 5,000 passengers that are being sent to this other planet to help colonize it. (What a great idea!).

"Passengers" Was a Life Changing Moment For Me

I bring up the point about the movie to say that the movie is an inspiration for me because watching it made me have a totally different perspective on life. It made me realize that love can happen at any time and that you love the person and not necessarily their background. This was also a life changing moment in a sense and can be for other people as well because you realize that not every Southerner is a racist. Note: without getting too much into the details, all of us have biases that we must overcome. That is the most important lesson that I can learn and hopefully this experience can help others. Whether Jennifer Lawrence is a true Christian or not, her dedication to women’s rights and her love of children are very admirable qualities that will make her stand out as a special celebrity. That is the topic that I discussed in my very first article about her but this one will focus exclusively on the movie Passengers.

"Passengers" is a Better Movie Than Critics Will Admit

The website Rotten Tomatoes describes Passengers as a movie that has a fatally flawed story even though Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt work very well together. I would say that Passengers actually starts in a very interesting way as these passengers on the huge star ship Avalon are taking the longest journey that spans much longer than the lifespan of an average human being and the movie is so well made that the futuristic bar in the movie and all of the interesting machines make for a very enjoyable movie especially for those that are interested in science and technology.

"Passengers" Movie Trailer

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