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Movie Review - Precious

Updated on March 7, 2011

This movie is without a doubt one of the best, and most emotionally touching movies I have seen in a while. The main actress Gabourey Sidibe is amazing. The story is about Claireece Precious Jones. When she is pregnant with her second childe by her own father, at the age of 16, she gets kicked out of school. She starts to attend an alternative school, called Each One Teach One, with other troubled girls. Slowly you see her starting to blossom in school. Meanwhile trying to escape her home life and the continuous rape by her father, and the physical and mental abuse by her mother. She dreams of being a famous model or actress, and to live in a glamorous world where everyone adores her. As she starts her new school, slowly she starts coming out of her shell. She speaks in class for the first time, and she learns how to read and write. With the help of her teacher Blu Rain (Paula Patton) and her social worker (Mariah Carey), Precious manages to build up enough confidence to get her life back on track. And finally when her mom threatens to hurt her new baby, she leaves. But every time Precious manages to gain a little control of her situation, something new and horrible comes up that she has to deal with.

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The story is heart-breaking. The situations and the experiences Precious has to deal with in her young life, are far more and far worse than what most people have to deal with in their whole life. Movies like this stand out from the typical Hollywood projects, as they are more about real problems in real life, than about superheroes and powerful men and women. The movie Precious deals with the poor people in society, where life is hard and difficult.

The acting in the movie is superb. Gabourey Sidibe, who plays Precious, blew me away. She is very young, but clearly very talented! This was a hard role to play, because Precious is a severely neglected and damaged child, but with a drive to make something of her life. But all through the struggle and the movie Sidibe keeps up her acting skills, she doesn’t let it slip once, and she puts on a very believable Precious.

Mo’Nique played Precious mom, and also did great. At first she comes of as a big bully and horrible mom. She plays the cruel so well, it is frightening. But in the end, when Precious’ mom has a moment of weakness and a big breakdown, is when Mo’Nique really shines, and moved me to tears.

And then there is Mariah Carey, who played Precious’ social worker. I was surprised to find this diva in a very unglamorous movie like this one, but she did surprisingly well. She transformed into a normal person, without any of the diva-esque and sex appeal she usually exudes. A very impressive and courageous move to show this other side of her. The teacher who takes it upon herself to help Precious gain confidence in herself is played by Paula Patton. Another impressive performance.

Director Lee Daniels has created an impressive piece of art. He pushed his actors to the limit to get everything he could from them. The film was losely based on the novel Push, written by Sapphire. There are just no misses in the casting of this movie. Daniels made sure everyone brought their A-game, and edited it all into this briliant movie.

This movie is an absolute must-see about the underdogs in our society, and their fight to be heard and seen. But bring your tissues and prepare to bawl your eyes out!

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    • Mieka profile image

      Mieka 7 years ago

      Definitely watch it Michael Shane, but keep those tissues handy! Precious will make you cry...

    • Michael Shane profile image

      Michael Shane 7 years ago from Gadsden, Alabama

      Got it in que!