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Movie Review - Push

Updated on October 3, 2010

This is a science fiction movie about people with special powers. There are people who can see the future (watchers), move things with their mind (movers), implant thoughts in people’s heads (pushers), heal people (stitches), kill people with their voice (bleeders), and many more. They are hunted down by the American government to experiment on. The US wants to create an army of supersoldiers with special powers. This operation is called ‘The Division’. The trouble is, every time they try to boast the powers of their captured victims they die. Until one of them lives, and she manages to escape (Kira, who is played by Camilla Belle). Nick (Chris Evans) has eluded them for a long time and is currently hiding in Hong Kong. But he gets stuck right in the middle of all this when Division thinks he is protecting the girl who escaped. Then a young watcher named Cassie (Dakota Fanning) shows up and tells him he has to help her find the girl and a suitcase which will bring down Division. Nick is sceptical and he doesn’t want to help. But he soon finds there is no easy way out of it, and so him and Cassie set out to save the girl, and find the suitcase. But Division is after the suitcase and the girl too, as is a Chinese family with some superpowers of their own.

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The movie is ok, but not great. The storyline is well thought out, but not that original. The powers the characters possess are quite standard science fiction, and there are no big surprises in this film.  The writers created an elaborated and complicated plot, but somehow they just kind of missed the point. They try to keep you guessing, and to make things unpredictable, but they do not really succeed. From the start you know who will win and find the suitcase first. I did really like the way Hong Kong was used as a backdrop for this film. Having just visited myself, I recognised a lot of places, and it did add to the atmosphere.

Dakota Fanning is sometimes endearing, but other times just outright annoying. She is a good actress though, and I quite enjoyed the scene where she is really drunk. Chris Evans is ok as Nick. He is basically carrying the movie, taking charge and handing out orders to everyone. I think this is a bit much for him, especially as his love interest Camilla Belle doesn’t really respond to him. He does well though, and I would like to see him in more films. Camilla Belle who plays the escaped girl is bland and not very good in this movie. She does not convince anyone and her facial expression stays the same throughout the entire movie.

The film is ok for just a night of simple entertainment, but do not expect too much. For the science fiction lovers there is enough there to make for a decent movie. And even if you are not into sc-fi you will be able to enjoy it. So go watch it now!

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