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Movie Review: SANCTUM [m]

Updated on June 6, 2011

STARRING: Richard Roxburgh, Dan Wyllie, Alice Parkinson


Its official: my adrenalin glands are now like a dried encrusted Wettex that's been left out in the sun. If you suffer from mild claustrophobia or the closet thing you've come to cave diving is plumbing the subterranean depths of your grungy dunny with a plunger, then best give this Aussie-made, white knuckle 3D thrill-ride a miss. Produced by AVATAR director James Cameron, and shot with the same hi-tech equipment, it tells the story of an organic skin-care range... (Oops, wrong Sanctum; let's start again...) Exploring a vast, uncharted underwater cave-system, a crack skin-diver and his team of scuba dudes find themselves trapped when a freak storm floods their exit. With both oxygen and their nerves dwindling fast, they're forced to dive deeper into the labyrinth maze of boiling backwater, razor-sharp rocks and deadly currents to find another way out.

Poor James Cameron, I really do feel for him after his ex stole his Oscar away from him, unfortunately this movie isn't as good as Avatar or even Hurt Locker for that matter (sorry for mention it) but still a valiant effort. He hasn't made a bad movie in his life and certainly hasn't missed with this one. If I was going to criticize anything about this one it would be the actors, don't get my wrong they all played their roles fantastically but who the hell are they? I know he is infamous for not going with the stock standard action hero's but serious dude get someone on board that we have heard of and someone that is going to get us excited about seeing the movie. His marketing team needs to have a serious word in his ear about the fact that no matter how good a movie is, if no one watches it its not going to be very successful. Anyway for those of you out there that are game enough to give it a go you wont be disappointed as it is a great movie so hold on stalactite, this one will leave brown smears in your wetsuit!



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    • s4176766 profile image

      s4176766 6 years ago

      That's alright everyone's tastes' are different for me personally i thought it was a very decent movie.

    • profile image

      Phoebe Pike 6 years ago

      This is one movie I won't see. It just seems like "Deep Blue Sea" meets "10,000 Leagues under the sea" without being interesting. No offense, but definitely not my tastes.