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Movie Review-Straw Dogs

Updated on January 11, 2012

Another movie review, when I saw that they were coming out with Straw Dogs I knew that I had to see it. It had a good cast, especially Alexander Skarsgard, I like the way that he acts, he is good is True Blood and he was in this movie as well. I checked it out from the library because they do have it available to check out now. So here is a little about what the movie is about.
It is in a little town in which this couple decides to stay while her husband is working on this project. Amy, who happens to be the wife, is from there, she used to go out with a football player by the name of Charlie. Well, Charlie doesn't really seem to have gotten over Amy in a way. But he tries to make peace with the couple. He tells them that he and his crew are willing to work on the roof of the barn that they have, so they accept to let them work on it just as long as they finish it soon. But things start to happen after a coach tries to separate his daughter from this guy who is impaired in a way. Soon the couple is faced with having to fight back with their lives in order to survive one fateful night.
This movie was good, at least I thought so. This movie of course has some scenes such as a rape scene, and some bloody scenes. But this is part of the plot of the movie. If you have already seen this movie and you enjoyed it, that is good. I know that some people would think that is was okay and predictable. Everyone has their opinion about movies that they see. What did you think of this movie and do you think the cast was chosen wisely? I thought so when they chose Alexander to be part of their cast.


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