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Movie Review: THOR [m]

Updated on June 5, 2011

Starring: Chris Hemsworth, Anthony Hopkins, Natalie Portman, Stellan Skarsgard and Kat Dennings

Step 1: Take one ex-Home and Away hunk – o’-burnin’-love, bulk him up on a high-protein diet, then apply wheat-coloured stubble, a Viking helmet, leather jerkin and chainmail. Step 2: Hire a Bard-loving playwright to direct him exchanging shouty, faux-Shakespearean dialogue with a beardy Anthony Hopkins, before confiscating his magic hardware and banishing him down a sparkly CGI wormhole to land on Earth. Step 3: Enter love interest- Nat Portman as a doe eyed meteorologist with an affection for sulking alpha males from outer space. Step 4: Cue fish-out-of-water scenes for comic relief. Step 5: Hero learns humility. Step 6: Have a big tool reclaim his MC Hammer and fight evil robot. Step 7: Segue nicely into Marvels next extravaganza, The Avengers. Yup, as far as superhero flicks go, this is a lot of fun matched with even more dumb. Just how I like it. Basically what i am trying to say here is this, even thought at times this movie gets boring, derivative and painfully predictable it makes up for it with killer actions , special effects and Natalie Portman. Alright so that last one might of just been me, but hey ever since that scene in Black Swan i am going to watch every movie she is in regardless of how corny it sounds! Chris finally get his big break into film and i can honestly say he didn't waste it, look out for him in the future as the next big thing in acting since fellow Aussie Sam Worthington in Avatar. A comic diehard's must see but don't worry, for those of you out there that have never even heard of Thor before and never read the comics you wont be lost, as all the back story you need is covered in the film. Go out, see the movie, enjoy it and really embrace the whole Avengers following that is about to consume everyone's lives over the next year. Nobody wants to be that guy that hasn't gotten on the band wagon.



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