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Movie Review - Terminator Genisys

Updated on July 29, 2015
Terminator Genisys - a good storyline and a nice movie which should be seen especially if you are a fan of the series
Terminator Genisys - a good storyline and a nice movie which should be seen especially if you are a fan of the series | Source

The Storyline

Terminator Genisys is another movie I have seen a few weeks back and didn't get to write a review for it by now. To my defense I do have to say that when I saw it I wasn't thinking of writing movie reviews on HubPages, but after seeing a few of the latest releases and being impressed by San Andreas movie and wanting others to know my opinion on it, I have decided that a movie review once in a while will do me good. Plus that I'll get to see more movies and let people know what I thought of them, and trust me, I am a bit of a tough critic when it comes to it.

To get back on Terminator Genisys, the story is somewhat the same as in all the other series, they have to protect Sarah Conner in order for John to be born and win the fight against the machines.

They tell the story of what happened before the other movies, and how they actually got to send a robot back in time, but it was different then what I was expecting. In a good way.

The story changed completely, as the new grown John made different choices which led to a different past for Sarah Conner. You might be asking yourself while watching the movie why was there a second machine, a more advanced model, sent to kill Sarah since John destroyed their base and they've only got to send the younger Arnold. Well, somebody has been naughty and sided with the bad guys, but you will see all that as the movie advances.

Now we see Arnold Schwarzenegger in the role of the Guardian for Sarah, which she called Pops, and they also tell the short story of how he got to protect her.

In the previous series she has no idea about Kyle, but now she is actually expecting and saving him. We can also see Arnold fighting the young version of himself. Pretty cute if you ask me.

I was actually wondering how they will explain Arnold's age since he is far from how he used to look in the first Terminator, but I do have to say I wasn't expecting this, for them to come up with the idea that the skin actually gets old even if the machine inside remains as young as it was. Clever. I wasn't expecting this because the skin was supposed to be just a cover, and once you lose it it's gone. So how can it get old if it isn't attached to a real body? Well, it is a movie after all, so I guess everything is possible when it's not real.

If in the previous movie with Kyle Reese he was guiding and helping Sarah, in this one it kind of left me the impression that she is protecting him, not the other way around because she knew what was supposed to happen while he was practically new to everything.

But Jai Courtney was really cute in this production, and played his part really well, so I guess it doesn't really matter who's protecting who because they are both, him and Emilia Clarke, really cute together.

Of course that once more they had to save the world and of course they made it, but the storyline was actually nice. Arnold was precious in some moments making the audience laugh in his attempt to look human, and Jai and Emilia had their funny moments as well.

Once again I am not going to reveal all the action here because in case you do decide to see it I don't want to take away the element of surprise. You will definitely not like the movie afterwards if you know what is about to happen. Boring.

To See Or Not To See Terminator Genisys

To see. This is my decision after watching it. Even if I have heard some who weren't all that impressed with the movie, maybe they were having higher expectations, I really liked it. I've liked the storyline, I've liked the characters and the chemistry between all of them, the way they've connected this one to the previous releases and continued the story in a nice way.

If you are a Terminator fan you should see this movie. It has action, funny moments, unpredictability, tension and a good story. So it is a thumbs up for this one.

Once again I am inviting you to take a ticket, a bag of popcorn and something to drink and go see this movie. Just go there with realistic expectations, it is after all the 5h sequel, so they've stretched this story quite a lot.


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    • Discordzrocks profile image

      Gavin Heinz 

      2 years ago from Austin TX

      You know, I didnt like this movie, at least I didnt like how they changed the characters, had bleak action, and messed with the series. However, I loved Pops (;

    • florypaula profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago

      Thank you for reading and commenting James, and for liking my review :)

      I did like this movie, all the series of it, and I actually think they made a good sequel.

      Have a nice day James.

    • SubRon7 profile image

      James W. Nelson 

      3 years ago from eastern North Dakota

      Excellent review, Florapaula. I have watched these movies again and again, and certainly will now watch the new one--thank You!


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