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Movie Review: The Accountant

Updated on October 16, 2016

Rating: B+

*Non-spoiler review*

The Pros

  • The Action - The action in this movie was great! While the movie was a tad slow in the beginning, once it got going it was worth it. The action was reminiscent of John Wick, in all of its brutality, as the fight sequences rely more on choreography rather than shakey-cam which is a huge pro. I recommend this movie for the action alone.
  • Autism - If you've seen the trailer, you know that Affleck plays an autistic character. I loved that this movie did not present him as being lesser for having autism. They made a point to show autism as being different. Not better, not worse, just different.
  • Ben Affleck - This pro kind of blends with the last, but I thought Ben Affleck played this role very well. His character was quiet so didn't have many lines more than one word, but Affleck brought a lot of subtlety to the role. His autism led to social awkwardnes, seeming shy, and delivering lines that seemed emotionless on the surface but his facial expressions showed that the character didn't know how to properly express himself. I loved this and did not expect this from this movie.

The Cons

  • "Plot Twists" - It is important for me to distinguish this from the overall story. As a whole, I liked the story. It was a bit slow in the beginning but I was so compelled by the approach on autism, I didn't mind. The plot "twists" however, were something else entirely. There are a couple characters shown in Affleck's flashbacks, that are later "revealed" in the current timeline. These reveals were pretty obvious to me early on, but if some don't catch it, it'll only make the movie better.
  • Anna Kendrick - I liked most of the side characters in The Accountant. Jon Bernthal, John Lithgow, and J.K. Simmons were all as great as you'd expect. Anna Kendrick didn't fit. Maybe it's just my opinion but, while I don't think she gave a bad performance, I just don't think she fit the character. I didn't believe she was a "numbers" person, and I did not see any chemistry between her and Affleck's character. Luckily she is not the main character so this did not hurt the movie for me by very much.



With all the brutal action of John Wick and the drama of a man living with a mental disorder. This movie was compelling and entertaining. I will re-iterate that this movie presented autism in a good way. While not incredibly realistic, The Accountant makes sure to deliver a message that having autism, or being different, does make someone worse than anyone else. This was a fun film and I recommend taking a trip to a movie theater for it.

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