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The Adventures of The Wilderness Family Movie Trilogy

Updated on May 18, 2014

An Alternative to Hollywood

It's not always easy to find a movie that is family friendly and provides great entertainment. Even if it's just you and your spouse, watching the filth coming from Hollywood gets old and some of us won't do it anymore. Still, if your like me and my wife, we love to watch a good movie. With The Adventures of The Wilderness Family you can sit back for 300 minutes an enjoy beautiful scenery, adventure and fun that won't disappoint.

Filmed in 1975 and starring Robert Logan and Susan Damante, this trilogy details a families decision and journey to make the wilderness their home after uprooting from their city life in Los Angeles. The perils and near tragedy that befalls them keep us on our seats as we wonder what they are going to face next. Even though the trials are tough, most of us wish we were doing the same.

The movie begins showing them in the city dealing with the hustle and bustle city life brings. Then it shows them making the decision to take the plunge and go with that dream they've always held: moving to Alaska to mine for gold.

The Dream Many of Us Have

I personally grew up in the country most of my childhood and have longed to make it back there, since as an adult I've mostly lived in the city. Many of us have this same dream to get away from the bustling cites, full of angry unpleasant people and high crime. The dream of having a peaceful sustainable life in the wilderness, away from the things of man is appealing to all of us on some level.

We stay in the cities, or where we are at, because it's what we are used to and comfortable with. Dreams of moving to the country or wilderness may be there, but actually making the move and doing it is a different story all-together. This family though, took the plunge, sold all their possessions and quit their jobs in the city and made the move to a remote cabin in Alaska to live a life closer to nature and God. If we can't take the plunge as well, at least we can watch them do it, and feel like we are there with them in this journey to escape the things of man. For that purpose this movie is worth the watching and may just give you the impetus to finally take the plunge yourself!


Have You Ever Dreamed of Moving to the Wilderness?

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The Wilderness Family

The family consists of the mother and father and two children who are younger than teenagers. There is a daughter and a son. Also, there is the dog, can't forget the dog. The family arrives to the wilderness from a plane that lands on a lake near by their new home.

Their new home is a run down cabin that is looked after by an old gruff mountain man who becomes their only company when he rustles around every so often. The family settles in making themselves a home there in the Springtime. They encounter all kinds of troubles that make the seemingly simple things difficult, yet they persevere and make it til the Fall.

The big decision is whether they want to stay for the harsh Alaskan winter. What ensues is a great adventure you'll have to watch to find out what happens. Rest assured though you will get your fill of the Wilderness Families adventures as the trilogy spans 300 minutes of their journey.

This is a movie with beautiful scenery, adventure and fun that the whole family will be the better for watching. It inspires us and makes us think of the possibilities. I would recommend this movie to anyone.

Watch the Trailer!


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