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Movie Review - The Duff

Updated on February 26, 2015

Movie Review The DUFF

The acronym DUFF stands for - "Designated Ugly Fat Friend". When i found out what that acronym stands for I thought immediately about how cruel young people can be to other young people. There is probably not a more cruel time in a persons life than during the years of 13-18 while going through the last years of middle school and then high school. Now with the internet and Facebook and Instragram things are much tougher than when i was coming of age in the 70's. There have been many stories of cruel bullying and even teen suicide over the years being on the rise mainly because of all the different social sites that exist on the internet.

I went to see the movie "The DUFF" because i was curious. I thought I might learn something I didnt know about young people or at the least it would be funny or entertaining, but for the most part this movie was quite bad. The main actress in this movie was one of the stars of the great TV show "Parenthood" which went off the air a few weeks go, which i thought was highly unfortunate. More unfortunately this movie was a major waste of 2 hours of my life and another example of a bad script being made into a pretty bad movie. A few weeks ago I saw the movie "Jupiter Ascending" and I happily noticed that this movie is already out of theaters in a few weeks - which is a great tribute to how horrible this movie was.

The movie "50 Shades of Grey" made a great deal of money during its first week of release last week entirely because of all the interest in the book that came out some years ago. I will be very curious to see how the very bad word of mouth over this movie will affect the long term staying power and money making ability of this horrible movie. I hope that this very bad movie tanks in the box office, but its already obvious that the sequels to this movie are probably already in the works given that there are 2 sequels to the original book.

Sometimes I am mostly aware that a movie is going to be bad and sometimes I am very surprised that a movie is going to be bad like Jupiter Ascending and sometimes I surprise myself that I stay for the whole movie and I have seen 3 very bad ones recently and I have surprise myself with the ability to sit through the entire 2 hours.


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