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Movie Review: The Incredibles (2004)

Updated on September 28, 2021
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Natalie is a writer who works at her local library. She enjoys writing reviews, watching anime and TV shows, and playing video games.

The Incredibles blu-ray cover.
The Incredibles blu-ray cover. | Source

Quick Info

Director: Brad Bird
Studio: Disney/Pixar
Runtime: 135 minutes
Released: March 15, 2005 on DVD and April 12, 2011 on blu-ray
Availability: On DVD and Blu-Ray and digital, streaming on Disney+

Story Summary

The Incredibles is a superhero movie about a family of heroes, the Parr family and how Bob Parr/Mister Incredible is trying to cope with living a normal life after being a superhero became illegal. He is drawn back into being a hero again, but what will it mean for his family?

Edna Mode, the best aspect of the film.
Edna Mode, the best aspect of the film. | Source

This Movie Is Fun

The Incredibles is a lot of fun. Yes, that’s easy to say, most Pixar films are fun to watch, but they always manage to find a way to make the story fun and exciting. There are superhero families in fiction, but what makes The Incredibles so much fun is the setting, usually in stories where there is a superhero family, it is usually acceptable for there to be superheroes. In the world of The Incredibles, superheroism is illegal, so they aren’t supposed to be using their powers to help people.

With superheroes outlawed it makes it easier for a villain to carry out their plans because there are no superheroes looking to stop them, and that is an interesting aspect of this film that most superhero films don’t touch on.

It’s an interesting take on superheroes that sets it apart from other superhero movies.

The Incredibles (2004) Trailer #2 | Movieclips Classic Trailers

The Animation Still Looks Good

It has been over a decade since this movie was released and it still looks good. It’s also impressive to say that because of how much computer generated imagery and graphics have improved.

Pixar’s 3D animation still looks amazing, and this is over 10 years old, but I still enjoyed the film a lot, and that goes to show how hard the animators worked on this movie, it does look a little dated, but not too much, it’s still visually interesting to watch and the action scenes are exciting and fun.

Overall, the animation from Pixar still looks amazing, and now that The Incredibles 2 (2018) is out you’ll want to get caught up so you can go see it in the theaters, and you’ll definitely enjoy the visuals of the first one, and hopefully the sequel as well.

The Voice Acting Is Great!

Craig T. Nelson as Bob Parr/Mr. Incredible, he voiced a superhero who is frustrated with his ordinary life. He did a great job in this role and I really liked his voice acting in this animated movie. I’ll discuss the sequel when I review The Incredibles 2 (2018). He was a great choice for this role.

Holly Hunter is also excellent as Elastigirl/Hellen Parr. She did a great job voice acting and I really liked how she portrayed this character. I also like how she made Elastigirl have a lot of personality and her dedication to learning all the pilot lingo and what it meant before recording the airplane scene in the film.

Sarah Vowell did a great job as Violet Parr. I really enjoyed her work in the film and she was great and I liked her voice acting. She was a nice choice for this role.

Spencer Fox as Dashiell "Dash" Parr did a great job in this role as well. He was having a lot of fun in this role and he did a great job voicing his character.

Jason Lee did a great job as Buddy Pine/Syndrome. It was nice to see an interesting take on a supervillain origin story that wasn’t a “normal” supervillain origin. I do think it’s what makes him a unique villain in a superhero story because of why he became a villain. It makes him stand out and he was an excellent antagonist for this superhero family.

Samuel L. Jackson was hilarious as Lucius Best/Frozone. He was funny and entertaining and he was great in this role. He also has some of the most memorable lines in the film which makes his performance so funny.

Elizabeth Peña did a great job as Mirage, she was a nice choice for this role and I liked her performance. She played an interesting part and she was an interesting character.

Brad Bird is also hysterical as Edna Mode, the superhero fashion designer who makes supersuits in the film. He was the only person who could do the voice because of how he envisioned the character. He was hilarious and one of my favorite aspects of the film.

"Incredibles" Theme Song

The Music Is Fantastic!

Michael Giacchino’s musical score is excellent. The music for the film is amazing and exciting and a lot of fun. I really enjoyed the musical score, if you enjoy good soundtracks, you’ll enjoy The Incredibles.

I really enjoyed the Jazz aspect of the score and it made it unique because Jazz music is not usually used in superhero scores. I do enjoy the music for this film a lot.

The family that fights together stays together.
The family that fights together stays together. | Source

The Pacing Is a Little Slow

The pacing of the film is just a little slow for this film and it might not entertain all the kids, especially the younger ones but I really enjoy it. It can feel slow when it’s not an action scenes but I still enjoy the film a lot.

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My Grade: A+

I will always love The Incredibles and it is an exciting ride to watch. The animation still looks good; the story is fantastic and fun, especially if you love superhero films. It has a great story and a unique villain that cemented himself in supervillain in recent memory by being different and having an origin connected to the hero that wasn’t a cliché hero and villain relationship where they just mirror each other for the sake of the story conflict.

The film has great writing and humor and keeps you invested in the characters. It is only dated by its animation which looks old now compared to other Pixar films and the sequel The Incredibles 2 (2018). It’s a movie that deserved a sequel and got one, although I wish it hadn’t taken them 14 years to make the sequel to this film.

It’s definitely a fun and exhilarating film to watch, and you’ll really enjoy it if you love animation. It still holds up pretty well despite being 13 years old, although it’s very impressive how much animation has improved over 13 years, but I’ll talk about it then when I review the sequel.

I highly recommend this film to anyone who loves Pixar films and the superhero genre. This is a must-see film, and not just because the sequel is out either, it’s a fun and enjoyable film that will entertain and excite you.

It’s a lot of fun and it’s one that I am very happy to have in my DVD collection, but if you have a blu-ray player you should get it on blu-ray. I’m not interested in double dipping unless my physical discs break.

It’s well worth your time and money to purchase this film on physical disc, but it is available for digital purchase, it is better to own your movies so you can sell them if you don’t want it anymore. You can buy a digital rental if you want to or you can borrow it from your local library.

My Rating

5 stars for Animated Movie Review: The Incredibles (2004)

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