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Movie Review-The Lonely Guy (1984)

Updated on February 19, 2011

Deconstructing A Lonely Guy

Bad old movies. Bad old 80’s movies. I just love them. They bring back memories of good times. Though I don’t think of The Lonely Guy is a bad movie. As a romantic comedy I find it incredibly sweet. I’ve been a fan of Steve Martin since his days as a stand up comedian. I will never forget his song “King Tut”

His adventures as a ‘Lonely Guy’ are charming and I dare anyone to say they’re not true. Many of us have been through the lonely stage in our lives. The conversations that Larry has with his friend Warren through the course of the movie about small little things reminds me of many a ‘nothing’ conversation I would have my friends. I talk to my ‘guys’ because I didn’t have anyone else to talk to. Unfortunately I could never keep a fern alive very long.

Writing greeting cards.
Writing greeting cards.
The Lonely Guys
The Lonely Guys
Fake friends to make you popular.
Fake friends to make you popular.
Can you spot the lonely guy?
Can you spot the lonely guy?

One of my favorite lines is from Larry's friend Warren which is: “I don’t like naps. I don’t like waking up more than one time a day. You know that moment you wake up and you realize who you are.” I can so relate to that thought sometimes.

Larry gets fired from his job and decides to write a novel. Over and over again he fails to get very far until he makes the realization many writers make. He realizes the only thing he knows is about being lonely. So that’s what he writes.

He writes about all the tricks that struggling lonely guys use to get by. For example buying a fern to make it look like your apartment doesn't look so empty. It's important not to buy a plant that has blooms. Watching a plant bloom while your life isn't can be very depressing. Rent cut outs of famous celebrities for parties and how to deal with dining alone.

The catch phrases to writers is ‘write what you know’. To those of us who want to be writers this movie gives us all tiny bit of hope.

In the end Larry and Warren meet the right woman and they all live happily ever after. I consider the Lonely Guy one of those movies that are soothing and leave you feeling upbeat. There’s hope out there for all of us.


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    • Philipo profile image

      Philipo 8 years ago from Nigeria

      Nice movie. This is a nice reflection and more of a true life story. Thanks for reminding.