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Movie Review: “The Martian” 3D - Bring Him Home

Updated on October 5, 2015

I came to the conclusion that the movies with the least publicity turns out to be a far better movie compared to the ones advertised everywhere and anywhere. In relation to this, when I chose to see “John Wick” I made the best decision because it turned out to be a great movie although it wasn't advertised at all in my country, the only way I found out about it was from the online website of the movie theater.

The same happened this week-end with “The Martian”. I saw the movie's poster at the cinema and wanted to see it when it was scheduled to run on screens.

The Plot

I am sure you've all figured out from the title already that the whole action of the movie takes place on Mars where, of course, an astronaut is left stranded there when the crew thinks he died in an accident during a Martian storm. They did look for him, but came to the conclusion that there was no way he survived, so they left the planet.

Mark, the main character played extraordinary by Matt Damon, wakes up on the deserted planet the next day after the crew left and things settled and finds himself hurt and alone. What I appreciate about this movie is not only that the action starts fast after the beginning of the film, but also that the character is not presented as a lethargic guy who sits around feeling sorry for himself and crying all day long, but he actually tries to do something to stay alive, stay sane and also tries to find a way to get off this planet.

The movie is intertwined with scenes from Earth, where a team of specialists come together to try to bring him home.

When I've heard about the storyline of this movie and saw that the man left on Mars is played by Matt Damon I immediately thought of the movie “Interstellar” with Matthew McConaughey, where Damon was also a man living alone on a planet. You can also see Jessica Chastain in “Interstellar” as well as in “The Martian” – here being the captain of the crew. So, I have to ask myself if they, by any chance, got the idea for this movie from the “Interstellar” movie. It was a surprise to see two of the actors playing in two very similar films.

To See Or Not To See

Again, I am not giving out the end of the movie because I think this sucks all the fun out of watching a movie, but I will tell you that the movie turned out to be really great and I am happy for the choice I made to go see it.

The movie is clever, fun, dramatic, it will keep you in suspense and it will carry you through a whole range of emotions.

I saw it in 3D, but it also runs in 2D and IMAX, but my honest opinion is that there is no need to pay more, in case you do pay more for 3D movies in your country because it doesn't have elements that could make it a great 3D experience. So seeing it in normal 2D is just as good.

You should definitely see this movie, it is wonderful and really good thought and presented. The actors are really wonderful in their roles, as you should expect since there are mainly high listed actors like: Matt Damon, Jessica Chastain, Jeff Daniels, Kristen Wiig (from “Saturday Night Live”), Sean Bean, Michael Peña (you've seen him in “Ant Man”), Chiwetel Ejiofor (you've seen him in “2012”) , and this is just to name a few.

I do have to say that "The Martian" became my new favorite movie, that's how much I've liked it.


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