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Movie Review - The Scorpion King (2002)

Updated on September 23, 2009

Sword and Sorcery Returns

So we’ve owned this movie for years but I never watched it. So I’ve finally watched it for the first time. Now I’m not a huge fan of wrestlers who become actors. Everything I’ve seen of ‘The Rock’ had not impressed me much. The opening sequence in the Mummy Returns wasn’t a huge stretch acting wise. But you can’t deny the man’s charisma.

In watching this movie I was taken back to the days of the sword and sorcery movies of the late 70s and early 80s like Conan the Barbarian, Krull and Red Sonja. Not ‘great’ movies but let’s face it, those movies were a lot of fun escapism. I’m one of those people who love movies of ancient times, ancient gods and magic and sorcery. And of course let’s not ignore the eye candy factor.

I have decided that I like Duane Johnson aka “The Rock”. Not only is he eye candy but he’s an action hero. All the wonderful things we love in our barbarians. He plays strong, strong willed, determined and stubborn character that is the last of the Akkadians and a skilled assassin. He also talks to his camel who talks back in a manner of speaking. Mathayus is not a one-track-mind-kill-kill-kill assassin. He works for pay but only if he thinks the cause it honorable.

Naturally he ends up with a sidekick who is also a thief and comic relief well played by Grant Heslov who I adore in so many things. He is selfish, but skilled and when the moment of truth comes, he rises to the occasion. Many times he could have abandoned Mathayus to save his own hide, but he stick by him and even joins in the final battle using his skills.

Steven Brand as the evil king Memnon was great. There is nothing scarier than an intelligent and skilled villain. I love sword fights and damn he’s good.

Michael Clarke Duncan I’ve always loved. He may be a bad ass, but he’s such a teddy bear. He is also a very skilled actor for example the Green Mile. He and the Rock were great brother’s-in-arms after they stopped beating each other up. They are also good friends in real life which in my opinion showed through as they worked together.

Kelly Hu is lovely as the sorceress. This is based on how my husband put down his newspaper to stare. See? There isn’t just eye candy for the ladies. I love the looks that she exchanges with Mathayus; you can see the chemistry between from the moment they stared at each other.

Behold the Scorpion King
Behold the Scorpion King

There are so many things about the movie that I enjoyed that it’s hard to point out just the best one. The script and story was okay, but in reviewing the special features on the DVD I think the movie should have included deleted scenes that referenced a prophecy.

“By tolling bell and thunder’s swell

A flaming star falls from the sky

By full moons glow in house of Scorpio

Kneeling men bow to the king on high.”

I think the mystical nature of the movie would have been enhanced by it. But that’s my own opinion.

At the end of the day I enjoy the movie and will watch it again. And I continue to recommend it to my friends.

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      Madalain Ackley 8 years ago from Richmond, Virginia

      You think so? I didn't try to write it that way, but I would certainly be nice. :)

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      Gener Geminiano 8 years ago from Land of Salt, Philippines

      Wow great review here Scorpion episodes are indeed very wonderful and very entertaining... Nice hub here attractive and capable of capturing traffic...