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Movie Review: Trophy Heads

Updated on November 21, 2019
Linnea Quigley (L) is about to meet her maker, thanks to Mom (Maria Olsen) in Trophy Heads
Linnea Quigley (L) is about to meet her maker, thanks to Mom (Maria Olsen) in Trophy Heads

I've always said that I've come to the horror party too late, but sometimes, being late can be a blessing.

The best example for this is 2014's Trophy Heads which stars a handful of horror's favorite Scream Queens as they beg for their lives, while re-enacting death scenes from specific movies as chosen by Max (Adam Noble Roberts).

Max has been depressed lately as he watches movie's in his mother's basement. He tells Mom (Maria Olsen) that they don't make movies like that anymore and that his favorite screamers are vanishing. It's not like it was in the old days.

When Mom suggests that he goes back to working on his unfinished screenplays, he comes up with an idea on how to preserve the queens. And creepy Mom is non too happy to help out.

Darcy DeMoss is being chased by an alien from her film Alien Abduction: Intimate Secrete but stops when the scene isn't going like it did in the movie. She sees a car coming toward her and hopes that she can get away from "the alien." Unfortunately for her, it's Mom.

With his first kill under his belt, Max and Mom start tracking down the former starlets and the first to be kidnapped is Brinke Stevens. At this point in her life, she's a massage therapist and is working on client Julia (Irena Murphy) when the duo bust into the office.

The two later find themselves in the basement in cages, not knowing exactly what's going on.

Next on the menu is Linnea Quigley.

Quigley is an easy target as well, as she's now recruiting for God and despises her prior life. From now on, it's the straight path to Heaven and she's trying to save as many souls as she can.

Even it's getting picked up on the side of the road.

With the three cages full. Brinke and Julia try to fill in the pieces and let Linnea know what's going on. However, Brinke and Julia would like to kill Linnea themselves.

When the lights in the basement go out, Julia and Linnea are left in the cages as Brinke is forced to re-live her death scene from Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity.

Michelle Bauer has a lemonade stand where she also sells autographs and memorabilia. Customers seem to want lemonade rather than anything else, except for Mom and Max. Before long, Michelle's in the basement.

Julia tries to explain to her what's happening and doesn't know why she was kidnapped since she's not involved with horror or the film industry. Just chalk it up to being in the wrong place at the right time.

Out in the film world, Jacqueline Lovell (Head of the Family) and Denice Duff (Bloodstone: Subspecies II) run into each other at an audition. They exchange a few words and when neither gets the role, Denice heads off and Jacqueline receives a text regarding another audition.

She goes to the location (which is where Brinke's clinic is) and Mom's sitting at the reception desk, dumb as a door nail when asked questions about the part.

Actually, she didn't have to worry because when she wakes up, she's in the cage along with Duff and Bauer.

Linnea and Julia are now dead and when the lights go off, Michelle's gone to re-enact Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama, as the two watch the continuous loop of the prior murders.

The two try to figure out how to get out of the cages and basement and really, the movie only gets better from here due to the sniping they do, while trying to prove who has the better career.

This is a gem of a film and I don't know why it's categorized as a straight horror film. It's more comedy than anything and the actresses seem to be enjoying themselves mocking what their current jobs are.

Everything about the movie is great and Olsen was perfectly cast as Mom. She really brings the creepy to her character. I'm really surprised that she hasn't been noticed in the mainstream, but has appeared in a ton of movies.

If you're looking for something different, then this is the movie for you to check out.


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