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Movie Review: Twilight Eclipse

Updated on July 7, 2010

“Kiss me,” Bella asked Jacob, to which the latter was thrilled to oblige.  Their eyes spoke and their lips met.  They were both searching for answers and somehow managed to find them in that lingering kiss.  Soon, Jacob realized that he had always been merely a second choice.  Bella cared for him but Edward was her life.  Although confused with her own feelings, Bella knew that she loved both Jacob and Edward, but that he loved the latter more. 

This is just one of the more poignant scenes in the movie adaptation of the third in Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Series entitled Eclipse.  Directed by David Slade, this film is a fairly acceptable version of the novel which has been very popular since its initial bid in 2008.

Anti-Twilight Saga critics argue that this film is by far the worst edition in the series because a lot of important scenes were left out.  This contention is agreeable on certain points.  An essential claim is that in Book 3, Bella is depicted as having a lot of confusion between Edward and Jacob, but the film does not illustrate much of this tug-of-war of emotions in the lead actress.  For the viewer who was not able to read the book, it would appear that Bella was already bent on her relationship with Edward, but this does not parallel how the original storyline should have developed.  Too, it was quite noticeable, that the performance delivered by Bella (Kristen Stewart) for the most part was not convincing nor at par with her portrayal in the first two movie adaptations.

Furthermore, other portions of the story not included in the movie were:  1) the part where Jacob sends a note to Bella saying that he misses her which adds to her emotional confusion; 2) Edward sabotaging Bella’s plans of seeing Jacob making her favor Jacob all the more; 3) Rosalie’s dream of having a baby were omitted in the flashback of her origins; 4) Bella hesitating to marry Edward because of the things she has to give up; 5) Bella’s emotional breakdown after the Cullens-newborns battle; and 6) the wedding invitation received by Jacob which enrages him and sends him running off to the woods.

As expected, romantic and sensual scenes, which are the lifeblood of this film, are ever-present through most of the sequences with either Bella and Jacob, or Bella and Edward kissing or exchanging meaningful glances.  The two lead actors were commendable in their respective performances, fitting the roles of the clashing suitors to a T, in a ménage a trios with the main character.  A memorable line by Jacob goes:  “Face it, I’m hotter than you,” cynically referring to the cold-blooded Edward, which is certainly one of the film’s most humorous highlights.

The action scenes were excellent but more sequences of the battle would have added to the excitement of the film’s pacing.  The brawl between Edward and Victoria vis-à-vis Seth and Riley would have been prolonged since this was the movie’s climax so to speak, and frankly, I felt shortchanged for this easily-resolved encounter. 

Overall though, it was a passable movie tie-in for Meyer’s wonderful novel, but then again, things could have been better. 

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