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Movie Review - "VACATION"

Updated on September 6, 2015

I have just seen "Vacation" with Ed Helms and Christina Applegate and I thought I should share my opinion about the movie with all of you. As you might know by now, I am not telling the plot of the movie because many might not have seen it yet and I don't want to spoil it for them no matter how I find the movie to be, good or bad.

Things I Didn't Like

I really don't understand why writers feel the need to put so much swearing in movies. Why do they think this is fun? Especially when it is done in front of young children or by them, I absolutely see nothing fun in this.

But anyway, in case there are people who find this amusing, then "Vacation" will satisfy you completely on this level since it is kind of full of this type of language.

There are some few scenes of humor that doesn't rich my taste, but as I said maybe there are people who like this, in which case you will see a lot of puking, brother bullying and even parents using a bad language when talking with the children.

Things I Did Like

There were some really fun scenes, fun for me anyway, in which the audience exploded and laughed really hard, like when they rolled over with the car, when the father tried to mimic Vin Diesel and turn the car around going in the opposite direction, but all he managed to do was to block the car and roll over on the highway.

Or when they took a bath in the Hot Springs, that was really "delicious", so to speak, as well as when they discovered all kinds of things about the car they've rented to go to Walley World. The moments with the GPS voice are just hilarious.

To See Or Not To See

Although I believe the movie could have been far better, and it had potential to make it even funnier, it was an OK one. I think you should see it. This is actually a movie to see at the cinema because the large audience makes it seem funnier than you would find it watching it from your couch alongside two or three people.

Just the fact that the whole audience reacts and that maybe you will have some other watchers react more noisy and laugh louder it will rub on you and find it funnier than it really is.

It was a good movie, not a great one, depending a lot on what you find to be funny.


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