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Movie Review: We're the Millers

Updated on August 22, 2013

Breaks away with the family can be hell. As soon as you step out of your normal routines with relations, a simple event like going to the beach can soon turn into a blood bath of Game of Thrones proportions.

So obviously the premise of going away with the family is open to hilarious scenarios. This new film brings with it a slightly new twist however, in that the family are no real family at all.

It's fair to say that David Clark (Jason Sudeikis) hasn't done anything with his life; he's a middle-aged drugs dealer in Denver, living on his own. And he has no plans to change either. But sometimes plans change without you.

When David and Kenny (Will Poulter), a young neighbour of his, help out a homeless girl, Casey (Emma Roberts) being attacked outside their apartment, David finds her attackers getting the better of him. So much so that they take his drug stash and his cash.

He then has to visit Brad (Ed Helms), his extremely rich drug supplier who he now owes money to. Brad tells him that there's one way to make it up to him; he has to go down to Mexico and pick up a drug shipment. Do that, and they're even.

As bringing drugs over the border is frowned upon, David comes up with an idea that just might work. If he can recruit Kenny, Casey and his stripper neighbour Rose (Jennifer Aniston), the four of them could pretend to be a regular family on vacation in their RV, and not draw any attention to themselves.

With the promise of a pay out, they all agree and the 'Millers' take their maiden vacation together. And although they may not be a real family, it doesn't stop them having a whole heap of problems along the way.

With We're the Millers, director Rawson Marshall Thurber and his writing team of four (with the likes of Wedding Crashers and Hot Tub Time Machine to their collective writing credits) are clearly trying to push the boundaries of the dysfunctional family away. They give it a fair stab too, but ultimately the film degenerates into something far too warm and fuzzy; it's a female that knows she should be male, but just doesn't have the balls. Which doesn't merit the twist element much either.

In the end, it's not doing anything new or original, with or without the twist. The Griswold's were doing this kind of thing twenty odd years ago with their various amusing National Lampoon vacations, leaving the Millers very much trailing in their foreboding shadow.

Kudos to Aniston though, who puts on quite a show for a 44 year old, and all without the need for a body souble.

Brit Will Poulter, who was superb in his 'youth' in Son of Rambow, also really puts himself out there to good comedic effect as the well meaning but slightly dim teen Kenny.

As family gathering go, even pretend ones like this, there are a number of great one-liners to make this film worthwhile. By the end however, it does start to feel that the Millers have outstayed their welcome.

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