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Movie Review: Wonders of Life Episode 5

Updated on June 29, 2015

Ecology Movie Review: Wonders of Life Episode 5

As far as it is known, earth is the only place that supports life. In the movie, “Wonders of Life”, the narrator, professor Cox Brian presents explanations on why this earth is able to sustain all forms of life. “Wonders of Life” is a documentary that consists of five episodes. In this documentary, Cox Brian, a professor explains why and how life exists in this world. In doing this, he posts one question, what is energy and what life consists of? Besides the ecosystem and the dependency of life on energy, Professor Cox explains the impact of increased globalization. In addition, he has presented information regarding gravitational force and how it controls living things on earth. Furthermore, the professor has also explained the different types of species that are extant in the universe. The narrator creates suspense in the movie when he presents questions on why the earth is capable of supporting many forms of life. Moreover, Cox has explained the necessary features and elements that made it possible for this once barren land to be transformed into the status in which it is currently.

In the fifth episode, Brian explains the concept of “life” and he takes the viewers to Southeast Asia where he presumed life to have begun. It is also in this episode where he presents explanations on what makes the earth “home” and what features are necessary in supporting this complex life.

The documentary footage features a fast widerness that is teamed with wild animals. There is a detailed microscopic footage, which shows the natural world in all its aspects. He has presented a complex microscopic life to the inquisitive Madagascar lemurs. Particularly, Professor Brian has given us the opportunity of watching intelligent jungle primates, boisterous sea faring, the nebulous solar nurseries and gigantic galaxies.

Cox goes a long way in exhibiting how a homemade particle detector is made. He as well indicates how one can isolate his own DNA by using ingredients such as vodka, salt and dish soap. According to this professor, all life is sustained by a fascinating quantum identified as photon gradients. Further, he demonstrates both the effect of photo gradients with ecological facets, and all life forms around the world. He vividly shows how the eye and ear evolved with a focus on incremental steps during the process of natural selection. Further, he also indicates how a primitive eye can be made. As most of us know, it is more effective to show than to tell and Wonders of Life has provided more insights.

Movie Reflection

From this documentary, the viewer is able to understand the relation of one’s DNA with the ancestors they share in any life situation. Yes, I can repeat, any life. This may be baboons, chimpanzees, whales, insects, bacteria or whatever. Indeed, the DNA factor made me reflect back on what life consisted of before we came into this world. I was thrilled to learn that the DNA can be used in identifying harmonious segments in almost all specify. This offers a clear evidence on one of the ecological rule which stipulates that all living things are interconnected with one another. More importantly, this aspect has assured the audience that human is incredibly unique, rare and incomparable.

In normal circumstances, it is not easy to make thermodynamics fascinating. However, Brain and his team have done a good job in negotiating the boredom minefield with intuitive visuals and spectacular ease. For instance, we can consider the first law of Thermodynamics, that energy cannot be destroyed nor created, but changes form. The second law of thermodynamics which is regarded as entropy, tends to disorder order. From these large and seemingly vague looking laws, life exists in order and complexity. Apparently, these paradoxes the two thermodynamic laws.

Nevertheless, there is no doubt that in “Wonders of Life” Brian has provided insightful information laced with moving evidence concerning how human life is part of the larger ecosystem. In addition, we are participants who are bound by laws. Our bodies consume and radiate energy to the universe as heat, hence presenting a disordered an energetic state.

In essence, Brian has presented fascinating and big concepts, which are uncommon in many nature documentaries. Sometimes, I do not take into consideration that life is subject to physics laws because I am not used to physics being related to biological systems. Rather, I relate physics with things like objects in motion, pulleys, machines, planets and so on. Therefore, with all the concepts of physics incorporated with theoretical applications, actual life, one will be able to see the world in the perspective of physics.

In this documentary, each episode is well constructed with a cool soundtrack and graphics. The camera work is well crafted and the narrator has been very articulate in presenting the narrative. This would certainly make any viewer be interested in watching the movie. On personal level, I can say that I really enjoyed watching the movie until its conclusion.


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