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Movie Review - 'iBoy' (2017) On Netflix. A Movie For The Tech Savvy

Updated on November 24, 2017
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I will watch the movies that people say aren't that great. How do you feel about them?


What’s It About?

Tom is a teenager living in the projects of London. He has a crush on his friend Lucy, so when she wants to study with him, he eagerly goes to her flat.

The scene that unfolds in front of him causes him to run for his life.

He wakes up in hospital to news that there are fragments of his phone inside his brain and a massive scar up one side of his head. The Doctor tells him to report to the hospital if there are any adverse effects

In a world where technology is a part of everything and almost all things are run by computers, Tom discovers that the phone pieces lodged in the frontal lobe have given him the ability to do things that seem impossible.

'iBoy' Trailer by Netflix

Quick Film Info

Title: iBoy.

Director: Adam Randall.

Writer: Based on a book by Kevin Brooks, the screen play was penned by Joe Barton, Mark Denton and Jonny Stockwood.

Date of Release: January 2017.

Genre: Sci-fi – drama.

Budget: Estimated $1.5 million.

Hooded – 2007 Trailer by Adam Randall. A Short Film (run time 22 minutes.)

The Writers

Joe Barton must love his sci-fi because he wrote 3 episodes for Humans (2015 TV Series), which was pretty darn cool and a must see if you like your androids super realistic and placed into the world where the future consists of robots that look human and are common place in most households.

He also wrote an upcoming movie called ‘The Ritual’ (2017), a horror due out in October.

My Thoughts on the Film

Many viewers appreciated its up to date technology spin on the usual ‘super hero’ story line being that ‘iBoy’ has an iPhone lodged in his head and uses it subconsciously to text, steal and covertly listen from time to time as well as tapping into a lot of other features we see every day with our devices.

The book is aimed at teens and when I watched it – although the content was quite dark in some areas, I could still see a lot of complex plot lines, brushed over to keep the aim squarely within the teen realm, and that's OK because apparently, the director felt that he stayed true to most of the events and feeling that the book brought.

It's rated M15+ so although the violent nature of the characters and events that take place are mostly left to the imagination, I could really tell that the audience (being teens) this film is aimed at would probably hit a home run for parents who like it toned down and for teens that like apartments being blown up, cars on fire and technology sprinkled stories.

Me, I felt like I needed a bit more detail – not to the violence but to the story, for the characters. I almost want to read the book as it has very high ratings and great reviews compared to the adaptation which at best is leveled at average.

I do like Maisie Williams but I’m not sure I agree with the comments from critics that she was the best thing about the movie. I enjoyed the first half quite a lot, then it got a bit generic towards the end with the normal plot line that super hero movies go to... and the ending, well there was nothing unique about that.

All in all, it was ok. Good one to watch with the teens if you have them at home.

I give ‘iBoy’ 3 blown up gang headquarters out of 5.

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Tom looks out at the city and discovers he can 'hear' it.Can Tom get the girl with his new found powers?
Tom looks out at the city and discovers he can 'hear' it.
Tom looks out at the city and discovers he can 'hear' it. | Source
Can Tom get the girl with his new found powers?
Can Tom get the girl with his new found powers? | Source

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