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Movie Review of Sing the Movie (2016 Movie)

Updated on February 27, 2020
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Sing the movie - A Movie Review

Movie review of Sing the movie
Movie review of Sing the movie | Source

Sing the movie Blu-ray

Movie Review of Sing the movie (2016 Movie)

SING the movie

Sing the movie (2016) is a delightful and heartwarming animated movie featuring the singing voices of a very talented cast of voice actors. Sing the movie is yet another one of those animated children’s movies that stars animal characters that speak instead of human characters (Here in the movie Sing, the animal characters run the gamut from koala bears to pigs, elephants, sheep, bears, mice and more.) Albeit a bit cliché, Sing is such a good and heartwarming film.

In the movie Sing,

  • a middle aged koala bear inherits a dilapidated theater, a family business from his deceased Dad who he used to do business with as a team.
  • The koala bear in Sing the movie is now trying to raise funds to save his theater that is falling apart.
  • Not only does the theater need lots of renovations, but the bank is threatening to repossess the property altogether.
  • The koala bear in Sing the movie thinks that he might be able to raise funds by putting on a singing talent show that audience members will attend.
  • He tries to disseminate the information about the show through fliers and assigns his secretary to the task of printing the fliers.


SING the movie


A secretary's error in Sing the movie

In Sing the movie, The koala bear’s elderly, aging and nearly blind secretary (with one false eye that occasionally pops out and rolls on the floor) makes a mistake on the flier and the prize money for the singing contest is advertised to be a whopping $100,000 in error.

In Sing the movie, massive lines of animal character singing contestants show up to audition for the talent show because the contestants are under the impression that they stand a chance of winning a massive $100,000 if they win the contest.

The koala bear theater owner and his secretary in Sing the movie



In the movie Sing, the contestants in the singing competition are under the impression that they stand a chance of winning a whole lot of money!

A lie

In Sing the movie, when the koala bear learns about the mistake that is made on the flier, he does not apologize and inform the contestants. He is not forthcoming at all.

He just continues the promise of the large amount of prize money as a lie. He has put so much effort into planning his show and in his mind ‘the show must go on’.

Poster for Sing the movie


The selected ones in Sing the movie

In Sing the movie, with the help of his secretary, the koala bear holds the auditions on the stage of his theater and he selects his potential performers for the show.

In Sing the movie, the finalists among the talent show contestants include:

  • A momma pig with 25 children (She gets really creative with trying to get out of her home.)
  • A gorilla (with a criminal father who eventually breaks out of prison to catch his son’s performance).
  • A mouse (with a gambling problem. He gambles with bears who are after him for money that he cheated them out of. If they catch up with him, well, one of them can potentially just eat him!)

In SING the movie, the koala bear holds the auditions on the stage of his theater.

Voice actors and characters from the movie Sing

Voice actors, including Tori Kelly and Reese Witherspoon, and characters from the movie Sing
Voice actors, including Tori Kelly and Reese Witherspoon, and characters from the movie Sing | Source

Meena the elephant in Sing the movie

Additionally in the movie Sing, a movie character, a teenaged elephant named Meena is initially turned away from the audition when she freezes up with stage fright. It is really the mouse contestant that indicates that nobody has time for that. Nevertheless, Meena is quite a talent at singing and her supportive, encouraging and insistent parents want her to go back to talk to the koala bear and try again. Meena listens to her parents and returns to theater with some baked goods to talk to the koala bear.

At the time, all of the electricity in the theater is being turned off and the koala bear implores the help of Meena the elephant to assist with getting things up and running again so that sing show practice sessions can continue. Due to her helpfulness, he offers her a position as a volunteer stagehand before she can explain that she is really there to try to have a chance to audition again for the show.

Shy and timid Meena the elephant does not speak up and goes along with the stagehand position for a while. As she will now be visiting the theater often, she even has her parents thinking that she has been given her chance at the singing show and has been going for singing practice. Since everyone in the neighborhood that Meena lives in is so proud of her and congratulate her by gathering with posters and cheers like she is now a local hometown celebrity, Meena again hesitates to speak up and say that for now, she is not a performer in the upcoming show but rather she is a stagehand.

It takes a while before the koala does offer Meena a position as an actual performer in the upcoming show and even then, Meena is still lacking the confidence that she will not freeze up with stage fright and anxiety. She needs a little hand holding along the way to eventually reveal herself as a shining singing star.

Meena is the shy and timid elephant in Sing the movie

When you hit bottom, the only place to go is up.

  1. An overriding theme in the plot of the movie Sing is that when you hit bottom, the only place to go is up.
  2. At one point, the theater floods and is utterly destroyed in ultimate misfortune and everyone that is in the building at the time is lucky to get out alive.
  3. The koala bear is devastated and ready to completely give up hope until all of the chosen show performers rally around him and try to convince him to put the show on anyway.
  4. There will be no prize money. The performers will be singing for themselves.

The wealthy sheep nanna / grandmother of one of the koala’s good sheep friends ends up attending the show in a makeshift area on the destroyed property. She was originally stubborn, aloof and stingy about she ends up being impressed and offers to be a benefactor to rebuild the theater. Her sheep grandson and the koala bear give her a tight group hug of appreciation.

Much like when you hear a great singing voice on the hit show, American Idol, you will be impressed by some of the great singing voices to be heard in the animated Sing movie. Children will be delighted and really enjoy the show when they see it.

Among the many voice actors for Sing the movie are Matthew McConaughey and Jennifer Hudson.

Meena the elephant singing

Meena the elephant in Sing the movie
Meena the elephant in Sing the movie | Source

At one point, in Sing the movie, the theater is utterly destroyed.

Sing the movie trailer 1

Sing the movie trailer 2

I rate this movie 4 out of 5 stars. ****


Sing the Movie

4 stars for Sing the Movie

© 2018 Nyesha Pagnou MPH


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