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Movie Review(Chinese)

Updated on August 1, 2014


Reviewing a movie can be quite complicated at times. But the movies I am reviewing are relatively straightforward. They are action-based movies with a political sub plots. The title of the first movie is “lp man” and the second is “lp man2” and usually sequel suck. The first matrix was superb the sequel was downhill. But in this case the sequel is just as action packed as the first one. The focus of the first “LP Man” is the horrible treatment of the Chinese people by the Japanese. The second movie focuses on the brutal treatment of the Chinese by the British.

Donnie Yen as “Lp Man” is the master teacher of whom everyone want him to teach them the art so they can defend themselves. Prior to forming a school he is barely able to pay his rent and his wife is pregnant. Then one arrogant person appears want to learn, but will only pay a tuition if he loses a fight with the master. You know the consequence of this action, after the challenge he bring several of his friends who receive the same treatment.

Part Two

The membership increase, but the master continues to have trouble meeting his financial obligation. The reason is most of his student can’t afford the tuition. The major fight scene is between the Colonel and the Master. This fight is actually to determine who is master the Japanese or the Chinese. Included are clips that will wet the appetite for the movies Lp man wins the challenge he made with the Japanese Colonel, but. In the second movie, which is, similar but is equal of or greater than the first. The British are brutalizing the Chinese both physically and mentally.

The British boxer Twister is loud, arrogant, obnoxious, and rude. He first demolishes the and elder Chinese master, then, while in front of the camera he makes outlandish statement that he will soon regret and many of the double dealing British authorities are exposed for the shady characters they are. This is just enough to make a person want to discover for themselves the pros and cons of both films. People who follow world politics will find these movies both entertaining and educational. Others who are out for entertainment only, will also find them interesting and an hour will slip past quickly.

Final Fight

Subtitles In Spanish

Two Masters


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    • Lady_E profile image


      4 years ago from London, UK

      ~I would love to see it. I enjoy Chinese Movies. Nice to see new Actors too. A change from the very famous Jackie Chan. Thanks for the videos.


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