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Movie Review:The Social Network: Character Relationship

Updated on July 11, 2015

The “social network” is a drama movie involving the intrigues and lawsuits of facebook founders that was created in 2010. Face book is a common website used for social networking that was established in 2004. Mark Zuckerberg and some of his roommates are the pioneers of this website (O'Neill, 2009). Albright Erica is hitherto, an imaginary girlfriend of Zuckerberg while at Havard University. The movie, “social network” opens with a scene where Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of facebook gets at a cross road with his girlfriend Albrigh Erica. This subsequently triggers him to more interactions in the internet. In the break up of this relationship, Zuckerberg is perceived as being pricky while his girlfriend is considered as the one who has been wronged.

Zuckerberg and Albright are depicted as exchanging dialogue while taking drinks in a popular joint. In these discussions, there are different topics which they are engaged in but which have no particular theme or agenda. The kind of talk which Zuckerberg is engaged in portrays him as someone who is incompetent in social circumstances as it is also depicted in many parts of the movie. In addition to these is that he is a fast talker and his words are also not very clear. His other characters as portrayed in the talks with his girlfriend includes being arrogant and naïve on many aspects (Sturdivant, 2009). It makes it quite interesting to understand the character of the man considered as the facebook pioneer. Albright finds these characters in this man intolerable and it is the reason why she decides to break up with him.

Owing to the breakup, Abright starts another website similar to the one founded by Zuckerberg. On this site, she writes that she was indeed the girlfriend of Zuckerberg and that she helped him in agreed deal construct facebook. Albright’s mentioning of the long term relationship between her and Zuckerberg and her contribution to facebook assists her to expand and popularize her new social networking site. Apparently, it is the break up between these two accomplices that instigated the creation of facebook.

Mark was however, very angry at the break up. This is because he dearly loved his girlfriend. This is the reason why takes revenge as the first step from this break up. That revenge received an enormous number of visitors (20,000) on his account in just one day, breaking the normal record at that time. Albright Erica plays a significant role in the film. The Character has albeit, played her part in an effective manner. This adds the fact that the film has very few women actors. She is depicted as one of the women used by Zuckerberg to acquire acceptance and popularity in her endeavor. Her general performance in the move is conspicuous and is based on male and business aspects.

The role of Erica Albright in the success of Zuckerberg in successfully creating facebook could better fit in the phrase that says, “Behind a successful man, there is a great lady.” Her positive role indicates that facebook could not have existed had it not been her contribution. In essence, the social network film assists viewers to understand how facebook developed to realize its enormous number of users. In accordance to this film, Zuckerberg is portrayed as a man who is less expressive, socially ineptitude and obsessed with his facebook development.


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