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Movie Reviews by Mastergreen

Updated on July 18, 2015
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Hi there! Welcome to Movie Reviews by Mastergreen.

This is the starting page or main page for all my movie reviews posted here. From here, you can get links for all the reviews I have written for all the movies I have seen over the years. I hope you enjoy them.

I like watching movies in English, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Chinese, etc., etc., etc. From Hollywood to Bollywood to Tokyo to Seoul and Beyond. From Film Noir to Kung Fu to Comedy to Action to Classics. From Samurai and Private Detectives to Heroes and Anti-heroes. From Big Budget Summer Blockbusters to Low Budget Independent films. From Heartwarming Silent films to Serious, high minded, dramatic talkies to Romantic, time pass, lighthearted comedies. From Mainstream Cinema to Parallel Cinema. From Cult films to Undiscovered films. From the Well-known ones to the Unknown ones. From pictures that became Oscar winners to those that didn't win. From Songs, Scores and Soundtracks so famous to Music that didn't get its due. From Movie Stars to those who didn't become so. From Legends to Veterans. From Actors and Actresses to Directors, Producers and Script writers to Music Composers, Industry Icons and Global Superstars. From Local Theaters to Film Festivals like Cannes, Berlin, Venice, IFFI, etc. From popular films to films that won Palme d'Or, Golden Lion, Golden Bear, etc. From Hits to Misses. From Evergreen Cinema to Forgotten Cinema. From anything to everything. Basically, in 2 words - World Movies.

Really movies from anywhere are good fun for me. Whatever languages and genres they are in, they are all interesting to me. The movies have been a great time of enjoyment, thought and hope for me over the years. It has given me courage, ideas, possibilities, strength to deal with life, etc. Overall, Cinema has been the pinnacle of Art and Art Representation for me. So therefore, I thought I will give it back something too. Hence, the existence of this page that you are reading now. It has been a wonderful journey so far, and a wonderful life, and I think it will continue to be so. So to you I say, enjoy movies and thank you for spending time here and hope you will keep coming back for more. So yeah, all the best, keep going and just enjoy! And I'll catch you at the movies.

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