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Movie Reviews of The Girl and Marne

Updated on March 27, 2013

The Girl and Marne

I recently viewed the HBO movie The Girl. The film stars Sienna Miller as Tippi Hedren and Toby Jones as Alfred Hitchcock. The plot of The Girl describes the obsessive desire film icon Alfred Hitchcock has for his new starlet Tippi Hedren. When filming the horror movie The Birds (1963), Hitchcock repeats scenes of birds attacking Miss Hedren. He tortures the young actress. Hedren is terrified. Hitchcock gets the desired result. The Birds, starring Tippi Hedren and Rod Taylor becomes a horror film classic.

The HBO movie The Girl depicts Alfred Hitchcock as a deranged, despicable, despotic and perverted character. Toby Jones plays the part of Hitchcock perfectly. Sienna Miller does a wonderful job portraying Tippi Hedren. Tippi Hedren is a brave, young actress whose only desire is to please Hitchcock.

I have seen The Birds many times on television. The Birds is about a Northern California coastal village deluged by flocks of attacking fowl. A subplot in The Girl is the filming of Miss Hedren’s second movie Marne (1964). The movie Marne, I saw once as a young teenager. The reason I saw Marne in 1964 was because Sean Connery, the new James Bond, starred in the film with Tippi Hedren.

Star’s Retroplex Cinema recently showed the uncut version of Marne. Marne is a psychological thriller about a compulsive thief Marne Edgar played by Tippi Hedren. Sean Connery portrays a wealthy businessman, Mark Rutland who marries Marne. Marne is a physically attractive young woman who is frigid. She refuses to sleep with her husband. Rutland is schooled in zoology and basic human psychology. He delves into the depth of Marne’s emotional problems. Marne’s mother Bernice Edgar, portrayed by character actress Louise Latham, is a prostitute. A sailor, played by a young Bruce Dern, is killed during an argument with Bernice. The little girl, Marne, is traumatized by this violent altercation. Mark Rutland gets to the bottom of Marne’s psychological problems. The film ends with the hope of a positive outcome between Rutland and Marne.

The Girl, Tippi Hedren, broke her contract with Alfred Hitchcock after these two movies The Birds and Marne were released. Hedren gave up her career as a highly paid actress rather than succumb to the intimidation and bullying by Hollywood icon Alfred Hitchcock.


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