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Transformers Rhymes

Updated on September 19, 2017

The Cube

The Autobots (Optimus Prime)

Captain Archibald Witwicky discovered.
A massive force that they thought was a dead treasure.
Witwicky saw it and investigated.
They went up and activated.
They activated its activation system.
They received a code for the alien's vision.
Sam Witwicky's was the Captain's grandson.
He purchased a car that was an unusual one.
The car that he purchased was on earth hidden.
Disguised as a car but was really an alien.
The car realized what the enemy was after.
So he signaled some friends to come help him work.
They came from afar. They looked like stars.
They disguised themselves as sporty cars.

The Decepticons (Megatron)

That enemy was the leader of a group of soldiers.
Soldiers that he chose to go after.
What Captain Witwicky's grandson possessed.
That's why the Autobots came to protect.
While they the Autobots fought to save humanity.
Lurking around was the enemy.
Looking to transform the earth machines.
Looking to end all humanity.
Like Optimus, he was not fighting.
He stayed in the background hiding.
But when they found the cube he was in position.
But the Autobots put an end to his mission.

The Matrix of Leadership

After they introduced themselves and saved the earth.
They killed Megatron and brought new cars to earth.
Those new Autobots received a message.
A message that a fallen prime was returning.
Just like the new Autobots. There were new Decepticons.
They resurrected their leader Megatron.
Megatron went to the fallen prime.
And found that Sam had the cube absorbed in his mind.
He found that sam held the power.
To a machine called the Sun Harvester.
He also found that the fallen cannot rise.
Without him killing off Optimus Prime.
So he killed him. But sam escaped.
Letting sam go was a huge mistake.
Sam held the key to earth's survival.
Sam held the key to Optimus's revival.
Sam held the key to the Sun Harvester.
Sam knew that he had the power.
So with it, Optimus was revived.
He rose and defeated the fallen prime.
The fallen prime was also killed.
The harvester was destroyed but Megatron's will.

The Dark Moon

After defeating the fallen and killing him.
Defeating Megatron did not stop him.
He wasn't physically there but was mental.
Sent signals so his army will be tracking.
Will be tracking, the moon's dark side.
For the great but, dead Sentinal Prime.
The Decepticons came back to earth.
They let the Autobots do the work.
Of bringing Sentinal back to earth.
With the Matrix of leadership, he was rebirthed.
When rebirthed Sentinal asked for his pillars.
When the Decepticons tracked him they took his pillars.
They took hundreds of pillars that he only could control.
They took them and spread them across the globe.
Sentinal knew but kept the Autobots in the dark.
He made a deal with Megatron to take part.
The part of his plot to destroy the earth.
But like it was in the past, it did not work.
Optimus found out and he went to stop it.
He was not letting Sentinal destroy the planet.


This was the age of change.
No more Sam Witwicky. The stars name was Cade.
After the epic battle, the Autobots hid out.
Optimus Changed his image as his troops spread out.
They were under attack. They were avoiding humans.
The humans called in a bounty hunter Alien.
Cade found Optimus in his hideout.
Brought the truck home and figured out.
That the truck was a transformer.
He also found out the name of the bounty hunter.
His name was lockdown. Lockdown was hunting.
And the humans were helping.
Optimus wanted to know why humans were involved.
Cade had a clue that he thought would solve.
Solve the mystery. That Optimus wondered about.
Once Cade showed the clue it was figured out.
That the one involved was recreating.
Was recreating robots that he thought he was controlling.
Thinking he was doing the right thing.
But soon found out he was doing the wrong thing.
One of those recreated was a Decepticon.
The Decepticon!!!!!!!was Megatron.
Megatron had a new army.
That inventor asked for forgiveness.
What he created was extinction.

The Last night

The transformers were Outlawz after the hong kong battle.
But their zeal to protect humans were unrattled.
They wanted to eradicate Decepticons.
So they created a force to detect them on.
While detecting them they mistake the kids.
As Decepticons. Cade rescued the kids.
While rescuing the kids. He is given a talisman.
In deep space Optimus name changes to nemesis.
He was brainwashed to think the earth was the enemy.
He tracked down a staff while forsaking his army.
All the while, Megatron negotiated.
To get his team that the government incarcerated.
To go after the talisman.
They find where it is but fail to obtain it.
Then the Autobots went to England.
To speak to an ancient descendant.
Then find that the staff was to destroy the earth.
The descendent told them to get to work.
To work towards getting it back.
They came together and attacked.
In the midst, Optimus came to his senses.
He realized that his name was not Nemesis.
All the while horns grew out of the earth.
Something epic is about to be birthed.

© 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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