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Movie Roles I'd like to be in

Updated on May 17, 2012

Movie Reviews and Fantasy Roles

Lets face it most of us would love to play certain roles in movies that we watch daily weekly or once in a month due to time constraints. Being family friendly I highlight some roles i wish i could play and only dream about. My very first as i start this article is a review of Ghost Protocol Mission Impossible 4. I do my best to detach from the actor or actress's private life and focus on the role they are playing, in a given movie. How well did they play their part? or could they have done better based on their previous performance, or are they getting better, than placing expectations on someone who could not possibly do any better. Maybe that's just me, being objective and that.

Now with that aside, if you have not yet seen GHOST PROTOCOL MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 4, its a must see if you like action movies with a slight twist, intrigue, and fantasy with dream locations. For goodness sake they filmed in Dubai, a dream holiday destination for me and I mean a 14day holiday, to see Dubai and Abu Dhabi properly.

The top cast are of course Mr Tom Cruise himself with the lead role, Jeremy Renner, Simon Pegg, Paula Patton. The location was incredible, doing the stunts himself Mr Cruise which i thought he should not do that again, as WE NEED HIM TO STAY ALIVE(shouting LOL), but hey he did a great job on this one. Jeremy Renner was a new introduction for me, i could not even remember which other film i've seen him in. Simon Pegg of course i knew from HOT FUZZ, one of the few i have watched him in, missed seeing Paul.

Simon Pegg stars as Ethan's assistant on the mission, and one moment on the mission got the entire cinema tense and laughing, we just could not cope with the near misses.Another new entry for me was Paula, on the mission, doing an Angelina Jolie SALT cat fight, pretty good but i thought too long should have taken out her assassin oponnent much quicker!! For the sake of those who have not seen it, will leave it at this, would be interesting to hear views of other readers. Its most definitely a 10 for me, and talking money and ratings Ghost Protocol stays at No 2 on the charts for 4weeks according to IMDb, for which am thoroughly pleased.

My fantasy role then is the action part of Paula on the team, the cat fight and her flexible role shifting.If i was a guy who else but be Ethan hunt, would be the greatest thrill to do those stunts on one of the tallest buildings in Dubai, breathtaking, nerve racking, totally insane, but so worth it, mind you I would use a stunt double. Great Movie overall.


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