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Movie review: Laggies/Say When

Updated on November 5, 2014

Relationships are such funny things. They either work or they don't. Not that they're ever that black and white. Sometimes they can be like pulling teeth or flogging a dead horse. Worst case scenario is pulling teeth from a dead horse. Very nasty business.

For Keira Knightley's latest role, she finds herself involved in a number of relationships, and sadly for Keira, none of them really work.

It's ten years after an awkward prom party and Megan is still trying to get her life into some kind of order at her prom party reunion. Currently she's happy enough in her comfort zone. With no job prospects on the horizon, she currently helps her dad (Jeff Garlin) out by advertising his accounting firm on the side of a road twiddling and flipping a sign around.

Another thing that hasn't changed in the last ten years is her boyfriend; she's been dating Anthony (Mark Webber) since High School and they're still together. But things are likely to change on that front, when Anthony decides to finally propose.

If Megan was ready for it, which she's clearly not. After helping out a group of kids get beer, she befriends one of them – Annika (Chloë Grace Moretz) – and instead of going to a jobs seminar, she runs off to her place and hides.

During this time she meets her dad, Craig (Sam Rockwell), who at first, isn't quite sure what to make of his teenage daughter letting a 28-year-old woman stay under their roof, but soon warms to her charms.

There are a number of relationships on the go in this film, and none of them really work. At the heart of the problem is Knightley; it's not that she does a bad job, it's just she comes across as a rogue piece of a puzzle that doesn't fit, however hard you try to jam it in.

She's not helped by a script that doesn't gel whichever way you look at it. The premise is both implausible, awkward, and just not that interesting. Another obstacle for Knightley is the formidable Rockwell, who breezes in, all guns blazing, as if he's in an entirely different film – or maybe he just wish he was – either way, he's like a tornado on screen, blowing everyone else out of the way.

Ultimately though it's down to director Lynne Shelton, who simply mismatched and miscast Knightley with this project.

Like any failed relationship, it's not worth anyone's time to dwell on the mistakes made here, but Knightley is bound to bounce back with something far more suitable.

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