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Movie review - Remember Me

Updated on March 7, 2011

This is an interesting movie, and since it has Robert Pattinson in it (the Twilight hunk), it will definitely be a best-seller. But does Pattinson live up to all the hype surrounding his persona. In this movie he plays Tyler Hawkins, a troubled twenty something. His older brother committed suicide, and this is eating away at him. His parents are divorced and Tyler blames his father Charles (Pierce Brosnan) for his brother’s suicide. His father is a powerful business man and did not believe in his brother’s musical career. His father made him work for him, and soon after Michael killed himself. The only one he confides in is his little sister, Caroline (Ruby Jerins). She is a great artist, and therefore many of the kids at her school think she is weird. Their father does not support her art either, and she thinks her father does not love her. Tyler would do anything for his little sister. When Tyler and his friend Aidan (Tate Ellington) get caught up in a street fight, Tyler has an argument with a cop (Chris Cooper), who then proceeds to smash him against a car and put them in jail. Aidan finds out who the cops daughter is and tells Tyler to hit on her (Ally, played by Emilie de Ravin). Tyler and Ally become a couple and they are crazy about each other. But Ally has some problems of her own. Tyler acts out a lot, but he also tries to bring people back together and help them fix their own lives, even though his life is quite messy. He tries desperately to improve the relationship between his father and his little sister. And he also tries to look after Ally.

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This movies is about human connections, and the influence one person can have on so many others around him (or her). And the effects losing someone can have on your life. Everyone in the movie deals with the loss of someone close to them. In the beginning of the movie Tyler quotes Gandhi, saying everyone touches the lives of those around them in some way or another. This quote is the core of the movie and the message that the director Allen Coulter and the writer Will Fetters are trying to get through.

Pattinson does a good job playing the confused and grieving Tyler. The character is at times violent, and a loose canon, but underneath it all he cares a great deal. Pattinson finds a way to express this very well. All his fans will be delighted to see this movie, as it is a whole other side of him. As the vampire Edward Cullen and in his role in the fourth Harry Potter movie, he was always very polished and together. In this movie he loses control, and comes off as the endearing bad guy, ruggedly handsome.

Emilie de Ravin plays his girlfriend. She plays a 21 year old great, even though she is actually 28 years old in real life. You can see the scars in Ally, due to her own tragic life experiences, which still haunt her. Her chemistry with Pattinson is great, and they make for a good couple. Another actress worth mentioning is Ruby Jerins, who plays Caroline, Tyler’s little sister. Even though she is young, she plays the pain of not being accepted by her classmates or her dad very well.

This movie is not too special, but it is not bad either. The actors are great together. The movie brings across its moral message in a non-irritating way, which can be hard to do sometimes. I would definitely tell my friends to go see this. So, go see it now!

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    • Mavrek's Mayhem profile image

      Mavrek's Mayhem 

      8 years ago

      I agree that the little sister did an amazing job. I thought Edw..I mean Pattinson did an ok job, the part where he yells at Charles for not attending the art show was some awful acting though shew.


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