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Get your Boov on and enjoy the unlikely evolution of a Run-away Alien

Updated on January 4, 2016
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How would you feel if an alien species attempted to take over Earth and abducted your parents? They've relocated them and haven't told you where they are. If you ever found out where they are being kept, there are so many other humans in the same place that the odds of finding them in your lifetime would be slim. They have done this to all of the other families that live around you, so you feel lonely and vulnerable. What would you do?

Find out more about the inter-galactic species featured in the movie Home. Then enjoy the movie.


Boov are purple and process emotions differently from the way humans do.
Boov are purple and process emotions differently from the way humans do. | Source

The Boov

The Boov are purple and they specialize in both logic and cowardice. Their decisions are ruled by statistics and they fear taking risks. Boov value what is useful and do not value what they don't find either convenient or technologically advanced. They think that their technology and the way their species develops are superior to other species, so they consider themselves entitled to take the planets belonging to those species away from them. They attempted to do that to the Gorg and have now turned to earth and the society of humans for a place to settle for a while.

The following are some examples of how they see household items belonging to humans when they reach earth:


Houses are useful because they contain comfortable furniture and provide shelter from the rain, snow, etc., and a possible refuge from being captured by members of another species.


Toilets are not useful to the Boov because Boov do not eliminate waste the way humans do.


Boov do not ride bicycles and deem them useless because of their lack of familiarity with them.


Motor vehicles are useful to Boov because they are capable of rigging such modes of transportation for the purpose of escaping trouble.


Gorg wearing an intergalactic travel and battle suit
Gorg wearing an intergalactic travel and battle suit | Source


Gorgs are aquatic creatures, much like sea stars. The Gorg are able to track their offspring using an instrument that functions like a GPS. Their GPS can detect offspring that have traveled across the universe. The Gorg are small, but have designed their space suits to make them look impressive to species that are bigger than they are.


Tip and Lucy Tucci from the movie Home
Tip and Lucy Tucci from the movie Home | Source


Humans have had their homes taken over by the Boov in their efforts to escape the wrath of the Gorg leader, who is in search of his offspring.

Gratuity Tucci and her mother Lucy are the main human characters featured in the story. Lucy was sucked up into a Boov spaceship by a tube and was "relocated" to a village set up for humans by the Boov in a country far away from their original homes. Her daughter Tip is lonely for her mother, her friends, and the life she knew before the Boov took over.

Humans have proven more intelligent than the Boov anticipated and fight back when their homes are taken away. They also live in closer proximity to each other than the Boov are used to and engage in the fascinating practice of keeping pets, like cats and dogs.

Humans, Boov, and Gorg

Rely on Oxygen to survive
Rely on Oxygen to survive
Need the element of water to survive
Intelligent and Inventive
Purple; short and chubby, with horns
Pink; with triangular faces and webbed feet
Rebel when their lives are disrupted
Live climate-controlled lives and make decisions based on statistics
Technologically advanced and determined to survive
Live in close proximity to one another
Used to living far removed from each othe; not very socialized
Only aggressive when defending their own species from extinction
Summary of Similarities and Differences between three inter-galactic Species

The Story of "Home"

The Boov and the Gorg

The Boov and the Gorg are at odds with one another. Smek, the Boov leader, has taken the protective rocky shell full of infant Gorg and keeps it captive. This rightfully angers the Gorg leader. Smek uses the Gorg's protective shell containing their offspring to control other Boov and isn't liked. He has put the rocky shell on top of a stick and calls it a "shusher," which he uses to hit the Boov who don't agree with what he says.

Though the Gorg are smaller than the Boov, they are an even match with regard to intelligence and technological savvy. The Gorg leader chases the Boov to take back the rocky shell containing the next generation of their species. The Boov keep running away because Smek would rather keep running than surrender the shell with the baby Gorg inside.

Earth and the Humans

The Boov have discovered that the planet Earth has an atmosphere friendly to their survival. It is a planet that has been developed and there is an amount of civilization already established. They think that the humans that live there are backward and primitive. They suck them up into their space ships and relocate them to a village with a carnival atmosphere so that they can take over the humans' living spaces. They did not count on coming into close contact with the humans and are ready to sacrifice the human race to stay safe from the Gorg.

Tip and Oh

The Boov named "Oh" thinks that is his name because it is what everyone says when they see him. He does not fit in well with his species and knows that he is unpopular. He meets Tip when he attempts to establish residency in her home.

Tip is a teenager determined to find her mother. With her cat named "Pig" for company, she attempts to drive her mother's car out of town to find the only parent she has left. She has seen the Boov and knows that they are the ones who have taken her mother away. She meets "Oh" at a local convenience store and traps him in the freezer section. She only lets him out when he promises to help her find her mother.

The Power of Kindness and Fortitude

Trust and Friendship develop slowly between Tip and Oh. They share stories about their lives the way they have known them prior to the Boov taking over Earth. Oh discovers the world of complicated emotions through getting to know Tip and eventually realizes that there might be a reason why the Gorg are constantly following his species around. Oh rigs Tip's car to operate from a steady supply of "Slushious," a sugary drink served at the local convenience store. He becomes friends with Tip's cat and Tip's cleverness helps him accomplish his mission to gain intelligence around where the human relocation village is located, and specifically where her mother is located.

While hiding in the Boov earthly headquarters, the Boov begin to tire of Smek's aggressive leadership and look to Oh for a better idea of what to do about their situation. One Boov makes Smek hand the "shusher" over to Oh, who pulls it apart to see the infant Gorg inside. He realizes that the same emotions that drive Tip's moodiness toward him also drive the Gorg's aggressively following the Boov. He resolves to give the Gorg back their next generation of children and wins the respect of the other Boov. He also wins the gratitude of the humans, who are able to return to their homes. The Earth is set right again and Oh is adopted by Lucy.

Personal Sacrifice leads to Redemption

Oh is ready to sacrifice his life for his mission, something he wasn't prepared to do at the beginning of the movie. He has learned that there are more important aspects to the survival of all species than statistics. He has to leave Tip in the relocation village without finding her mother because the other Boov are ready to abandon earth when they find out that the Gorg are headed in their direction. Oh cannot bring himself to betray Tip, so he returns to help her find Lucy. He then leaves the relocation village to face the Gorg leader when the ship finally reaches Earth in order to save the humans. Miraculously, he survives. By the end of the movie, Oh has grown in emotional intelligence and has evolved as a Boov. The other Boov have learned from him and are proud to have him as their leader.

Oh the Boov gets his "groove" on

Ready to Adopt a Boov?

Ready to Adopt a Boov and Party all year?

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Dance and sing along with the songs in the movie Home

Home [Blu-ray + DVD + Digital HD]
Home [Blu-ray + DVD + Digital HD]

The story in the movie home is heartwarming and the soundtrack will make you want to dance.


© 2016 Karen A Szklany


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    • Seafarer Mama profile image

      Karen A Szklany 16 months ago from New England

      Edit to last comment ~ it is supposed to read "You will enjoy this movie."

    • Seafarer Mama profile image

      Karen A Szklany 2 years ago from New England

      Thank you, Jodah. So glad you liked it. You will enjoy is movie. especially if you have kids to watch it with!

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 2 years ago from Queensland Australia

      I love animated movies and this one sounds great. Thanks for the in-depth review. Well done.

    • Seafarer Mama profile image

      Karen A Szklany 2 years ago from New England

      Nobody's universe is complete without knowing a Boov, Bill. ~:0)

      Thanks for stopping by to read!

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      Bill Holland 2 years ago from Olympia, WA

      Alright then...never heard of a Boov. Evidently I'm living in some time warp or alternate universe. :) Thanks for the education.