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Movie review the last Airbender

Updated on September 7, 2010

Movie review of the Last Airbender

I went to the movies with my lovely wife to watch a movie on the 4th of July, we went to the last showing because we wanted to enjoy our time with our sons as we watched the fireworks light of the sky. My wife had seen the wonderful previews for the newest M. Night Shyamalan's movie called the Last Airbender.

This movie falls in the genre of science fiction / fantasy. It appears that it could take place in another world but it does not state that it is another world. In this story there are four nations. Each nation is based on the elements. Therefore, the four nations are the Air Nomads, the Water Nation, the Earth Nation, and the Fire Nation. It is easy to see religion in this movie because it is replete with religion, and the religion in this movie seems to be similar if not actually a form of Buddhism, possibly Hindu mixed with it. Which would be no surprise since Buddhism is an off shot of Hinduism. The monks are found amongst the Air Nomads. The main character in this movie is called Aang, and he is what is referred to as the Avatar.

The concept of the Avatar is that he brings balance between the element bending nations. The Avatar is a reincarnation of previous Avatar and so movie shows forth the ideas of Buddhism and Hinduism. The Avatar not only brings balance but also ensures peace, as the Avatar is the only person that can bend all the elements. An element bender is able to bend the elements by performing Tai Chi and this Tai Chi is able to affect the surrounding elements.

The movie starts, at the beginning of close to a hundred years of war. The Fire Nation waged a war since there was no Avatar. It turns out the Avatar was in a frozen state of being, with a mythical creature called a flying Bison, because he was a child that was told he was the Avatar and he ran away and was frozen.

During the time of his frozen hibernation so to say, the Fire Nation killed all the Air Nomads and conquered all of the Earth Nation. Rightfully so, this child Avatar is the last of the Airbenders. The child was only trained in the element of Air. All Avatars come from the Air Nomads and must start by learning how to bend Air. Then there is a progress on the elements they learn to bend. After they learn to bend the Air, then they learn the Water, Earth and lastly they learn Fire.

This is an epic series that M. Night Shyamalan's is writing. It is based off of a child’s cartoon on Nickelodeon, and as such it is actual a great adaption of a cartoon to a movie. The first movie is called Book One the Water Nation and it deals with the introduction of the story and the Avatar and how he learns to bend the Water.

It appears that the next movie would be book two, and it will deal with the Avatar learning about how to bend earth. The third movie will be about how the Avatar learns to bend the fire and restores harmony and brings about peace.

Even though it appears that it would take place in another planet or alternate reality, it is easy to draw comparisons to our world. The appearance of the nation would place the Air Nomads as possibly Tibetan, Cambodian, or Indian Monks, in high mountainous regions. The Water Nation would appear to be akin to the Serbia-Russians in the icy arctic tundra that are far off in the distant northern lands. The Earth Nation would be groups like the Chinese, Taiwanese, or Koreans. Where the Fire Nation would be akin to the aggressive Japanese Imperialist of World War II and this would be indicative from the dress that the Fire Nation wears.

The epic style of this film is similar to Lord of the Rings. Appropriate for all ages, it is clean in its language, and does not have sexual overtones. It appears to be at age range of 10-14. However, the special effects and beautiful choreography of the Tai Chi makes it attractive for people of an older age. The main concern would be for parents that are trying to teach their children in a religious tradition, or people sensitive to their religion might have problems with it, so I would recommend that those individuals to discuss it with their children before letting them watch it.

The Last Airbender

M. Night Shyamalan

The Last Airbender


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    • RabbiDanyiel profile image

      RabbiDanyiel 7 years ago

      Just bought this one yesterday when it came out, and it better to view the second time around when you have some understanding of the story.