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Movie talk for all!!!!!

Updated on April 26, 2014

Movie time!

Hi everybody!!

I am going to make this blog a priority of mine and start this out as my movie and entertainment news first blog! I will be reporting on every type of movie involved in the business as it is known that superhero's kind of run the world right now that it will be as diverse and spread out as it possibly can be from the second Avengers movie to the new non Ashton Kutcher Steve Jobs biopic that is being worked on as we speak. I will sprinkle in some gossip every now and then but I will state now that this isn't a full blown gossip site because their are people like Perez Hilton who are well known for that for their own reasons.But a little about myself so everybody knows about the person doing the blogging.I am and have been an avid movie watcher and I know that doesn't say a whole lot because a lot of people like to think that they are "Avid" fans but I do remember some times in my life like seeing the very first Star Wars and T2 and just being completely floored when I was 8 years old and I didn't have to totally understand it to know how amazing it truly was and what type of performances came with those significant films. I do remember as soon as I could get my hands on it I sat down with my brother and we watched Godfather 1 and 2 together and took a day out and truly appreciated what was being portrayed on the screen because for me MY favorite movie will always be The Dark Knight but when you watch a movie like The Godfather you just get caught up in the story so quickly that it is impossible to deny how amazing it truly is. Now granted I will be honest with the readers I gain with this that I have sat on certain blockbusters and classics until I was older like I didn't see the original Jaws until a few thanksgivings ago. Granted I loved it none the less but I don't think I would of totally been like as appreciated of it as a child if I saw it younger. I do also make it a priority when the awards season comes along to watch every movie that is nominated for best picture and so on because I think I could find some new gems in what I see because some movies don't get the greatest publicity like Gravity did but nonetheless. This past year I did think that 12 Years deserved the best picture Oscar but I was a BIG fan of Wolf Of Wall Street and Dallas Buyers Club because the performances from Jared Leto and Matthew were just ridiculous especially because they became someone else to play the role basically. But on the side of Wolf Of Wall Street like I honestly thought that Leo was gonna get it this year and thought that after having been looked over previous years that being someone who was so energetic and crazy almost and he did things on camera that were so unlike him with the psychical fight with his wife that made people's jaws drop but I mean I heard he wasn't even a close second because Chiwetel did SO well in 12 Years A Slave that it was basically like pick a hand and its Matt or Chiwetel. But enough of my ranting or whatever you will call it but I hope you end up enjoying the page and the posts and end up having a lot of fun with this and come by more and more over time!


Be sure to vote on the first poll that I have ever done and it is arguably the MOST talked about topic in movies so GO!

First Poll for the summer!!!!!!

Favorite Superhero Movie

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Comments and suggestions

If anybody has any comments or questions or anything they would like to say at all just place it below and I do check these daily and will get back to you as soon as possible. Also if you have anything that you want to debate on like a "What if" scenario just add it right in there too and I can possibly add it in the next days post or I will just comment back and we can go back and forth on the topic.


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