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Movie Review for Limitless

Updated on May 11, 2017

Bradley Cooper is wonderful in Limitless. Amazon has the DVD for sale at an exceptional price

Movie Review of Limitless

There are some movies which have a premise making them absolutely fabulous. This one made this cut. It was not all about love or violence or revenge. In fact, the theme was something unique and innovative. Most people who see it and like it, love it.

This is a 2011 American movie. The action is exciting and fast paced. It is a fictional force of nature when it comes to the pharmaceutical company. The creation of a drug which permits a human being to use 100% of the brain. The name of it is NZT.

Sounds too good to be true and of course it is. There are side effects which are unpredictable and devastating. The few people who take it are rendered from average or under average to genius. An out of work writer goes from a bum (nobody) to a billionaire.

This is wonderful for the scientist with dreams of curing diseases. Disorders like Parkinson's Disease or Alzheimer's are no longer decades away from a remedy. Even better, once the entire brain has been accessed the knowledge at the fingertips of every doctor makes any disease a thing of the past. The moral question comes into play time and time again in the movie.

Everyone knows the right thing to do, but when it is presented as an option no one follows through. It permits the viewer to sit in the seat of the person taking it and the people affected by the turn of events in a life when mentally working at capacity.

Sociopaths consist all over the world. Most are in the professions which are illegal. How does an individual justify giving a sociopath a drug which increases the intelligence level to the point of genius? Great professions for people with this type of personality disorder include criminals, but also politicians and CEOs. Believe it or not these all possess the same fortitude and other traits which allow them to make life and death decisions, difficult choices and still sleep at night.

Characters appealing

I absolutely loved the characters developed for the film as well as the director’s pick of the actors playing the individual characters.

This was really a break out role for Bradley Cooper. It had a wide range of emotions as well as playing through nearly 10 years of age adjustment. This is where the character initially is one age and then a 10 span of years takes place.

This sounds sort of simple. However, imagine what type of personality flaws and strengths, priorities and even finances a person has in one decade. What changed from 16 to 26 or even 20 to 30. It is simply amazing how on the surface he was totally believable as a college student young, scared and naive to the world. He then is a senator worth billions telling the CEO of a Fortune 500 Company what to do.

New and exciting point of view

More than a few films have began the story line from the end. This is great for a story well told. It is simple to understand

The director shot this film in ingenious way. Half of the appeal was the point of view the story is told from.

was genius for the story line. He allowed a person to experience from the inside of the main character enough to keep a viewer interested and an eye on the subversion as well as the intrigue that followed throughout the film.

Something new and innovative

The beginning as the end was not a new twist for a film. Where the director twisted you was to discover that the beginning wasn’t the end. The movie didn’t make drugs an appalling or horrific concept, and then he did. However, he made every scene watched something to think about when it comes to the drug.

The hints moved a viewer in favor of it and then against it.This was ingenious. Making the audience change their convictions within a matter of minutes on a moral question like this was definitely something new. You get car chases, villains, drama, suspense, romance and even a small pull at the heartstrings.

You considered the drug as a good thing and then a bad thing and then a good thing again. He allowed a glimpse into the world of” what if” thousands of times with almost every other scene. He made you ask if this was such a bad thing after showing you how bad drugs and people that do them they are and then showing all of the great things that they are able to do. If he would have tried this concept with an illegal drug it would never have worked.

Viewers questioned everything

Displaying how upside down and inside out a drug makes life and the pursuit and desperation of the drug that creates a life a living hell. Under all of that the director shows a real person and the trials of their life. He displayed that the drug made that life so much better than you could ever dream. However, the real vision is the actress telling the star of the movie and the beneficiary of this wonderful “gift” how bad it was and what he was on this wonder drug-nothing. Worse than nothing.

The movie is genius. A lot of cinema fans won’t appreciate this one because of the fast moving photography and the plots within plots and the twist that you need to follow. Following the twists is what makes this movie so extraordinary and separates it from a boring, same game-different name movie.

The title fits the story. Limitless is all that is proclaims to deliver and more. There are not a lot of big name movie stars, but there are certainly stars with this particular acting group.

One of the very important aspects of this meticulously written and scripted film is the question that it’s just near enough to real life to make any viewer ask….if this could really happen?

Cast: Bradley Cooper, Abbie Cornish, Anna Friel, Robert De Niro

Clip from the movie Limitless

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It raises more questions than imaginable. It answers few.

One of the biggest questions was who is the right person for the medication. Who decides the right person to have the new found remedy for everything wrong? There are opportunities which increase tremendously with unlimited intelligence. The theory is the enhancement of life. Though, this is not always the case.

There is a saying that shares the idea of be careful what a person says a wish for.....the possibility exists it comes true. The rub is the fact it is the unexpected typically occurs. Wish is granted, but there is a cost or a price. How about reading a book in five minutes? Was it enjoyable or was simply the words remembered and nothing savored or enjoyed? The movie is about Limitless questions.

Who is wants to take this type of medication? Surprisingly, lots of people

Even with the horrible side effects of this pharmaceutical drug portrayed in the movie, people are willing to stand in line for it.

A study asked 100 college students movie goers it personally there exists a time or place when it is okay to take this rx the answer was yes. Asked if the individual is okay with personally ingesting it knowing one side effect was death, the same folks again answered in a positive manner. Reasons given for why included one or five years of happiness vs. an average life. Ten years of hitting the lottery, living the dream and even having the smarts to make an antidote where all included in answers given.

Medications capable of changing the chemical makeup of the brain are not a pie in the sky theory. Antidepressants, anti anxiety or epilepsy meds are all great examples.
Medications capable of changing the chemical makeup of the brain are not a pie in the sky theory. Antidepressants, anti anxiety or epilepsy meds are all great examples.

© 2011 smcopywrite


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    • profile image

      Sueswan 6 years ago

      Hi smcopywrite,

      After reading your review, I checked to see if Limitless was playing in Toronto. Unfortunately it isn't.

    • smcopywrite profile image

      smcopywrite 6 years ago from all over the web

      spirit whisperer- any movie that was developed from a book i read the book first. gone baby gone, all of the grisham works, etc. i like to see book first. it always provides content and character as well as plot information you cannot get with movie. shutter island certainly didn't pass the mustard on the movie

      its kind of difficult really to take a book, make a screenplay(different person), director(different person) and producer (different person) and get the same story. in addition, you need to cut it to fit into about 2 hours of time.

      i love the sixth sense and i am not a horror film kind of person. enjoyed this one though.

      anything that makes one think...does it for me.

      don't get me wrong, i still enjoy some of the best car chases and fights. however, movies that get the brain juices flowing are always the best.

      this is my first movie review, but hopefully not my last.

      thanks for the comment

    • miss_jkim profile image

      miss_jkim 6 years ago

      Loved this movie, wanted to find out where to get this "drug", as my brain could use some fine tuning. I really liked the ending, it left you pondering whether his chemist was able to fine tune the drug so that it wasn't terminal, but gave the user even more abilities, such as, when he "felt" the man’s heart ailment. Such possibilities

    • Spirit Whisperer profile image

      Xavier Nathan 6 years ago from Isle of Man

      What did you think of Shutter Island? I thought that was a great movie too and once again I think you are right in that you get more out of the second viewing.

      I also watched 6th Sense again for the umpteenth time last night and I think that must be one of the best ever. I hope you write more reviews like this and I was thinking what if you put a list together of various genre and write a series of hubs like this one for each genre so people would have a kind of personal guide they could go to to choose their movies. I myself am stuck right now and would love someone to send me a list of movies like this (Limitless) with a short summary of the story. What do you think? BTW I tried to buy Limitless from Amazon but is not out on DVD yet, so I have to wait. I am gutted!

    • smcopywrite profile image

      smcopywrite 6 years ago from all over the web

      i enjoyed inception also. however, i got more out of the movie by watching it a second time. there is so much going on that you cannot take a break for one moment or miss out on something that is important to the plot and following the story. great minds think alike.

    • Spirit Whisperer profile image

      Xavier Nathan 6 years ago from Isle of Man

      This sounds like a really good movie. I loved Inception and think this might be a little along the same lines. You have done a great job promoting this movie and I for one will certainly watch it having read this hub. Thank you.