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Moviegoing Experiences And The Way Its All Being Seen

Updated on June 4, 2014

Ok now I know that I have been doing this blogging site for only a few months but I have been a movie fan for quite some time.Although I know it can be a drastic thing to talk about this topic and bring it up but at the same time it is something that couldn't be passed up so why not? The basis of the article is over the past lets say decade since I've been going to the movies and making it a thing to go with friends or even go see that one movie to the point where I will end up seeing it alone or to multiple times if it is THAT good as well.But after seeing certain movies you do hear quite a few people saying that they either just weren't a fan of it or didn't like it because it "Wasn't believable".Now granted you as the movie fan and the person who pays anywhere from 10-16 dollars to your ticket has full right to say WHATEVER you like about the movie but wouldn't having a little more of an open mind when you walk into the theatre kind of help things out when you decide to crack open the wallet and go see a new film?

A good example I can use for recent purposes is myself and a friend of mine did a double movie day where we went to go see two films in one day and we saw Non Stop and Oculus and basically hung out at the theatre the majority of the day.But when we went to Oculus first I walked out of it enjoying it as a person who does like horror films and likes to analyze them for the story more then the non class acting in it.But when that was over my friend sort of said she didn't "Get it" and didn't believe it was really something that could even be doable or possible.Now I had mentioned to her about that the television show American Horror Story tried what Oculus did(Spoiler Alert) but she didn't get it so she said if she didn't see it it wouldn't benefit her at all in any way.When it came time to see Non Stop I left it just thinking it was ok and another basic Liam Nesson film so if you are looking for that just go to it looking for that.But when it was half way into my friend has a family member who works in the Flight area as an attendant and she kept leaning in and telling me how this and that "Wasn't possible" or they were doing this thing "Wrong".Now I do know that every person in the world is not like this but once you get into the movie and the story sometimes it is inevitable and it can happen either way.But like once things are all ok in the end and the chute comes out of the side of the plane to let passengers out I was informed how much it costs to do that.

So lets just put this into perspective when it isn't just films like Non Stop and Oculus.Some thought that the fighting scenes in Man Of Steel were HIGHLY exaggerated because of how fast paced they were and one of the big nitpicks with The Dark Knight Rises and the new Godzilla is having a boat or plane get an atomic bomb go miles away from the city into the ocean and it keeps the city safe and SO many took away from that saying that it was very wrong and could never happen because of radiation and such.Now how I went to see The Dark Knight Rises and left it thinking that yes The Dark Knight was still the best of the 3 that Rises was still an amazing film and honestly closed out Nolan's trilogy the best way they could.I also was a big fan of the fast paced city destroying fighting in Man Of Steel and the BIG deal of Superman killing Zod in order to save the family and totally breaking the rule and setting some people off.Ok to take one more example before I go into my perspective on the topic.When I made it an friends outing to go see the first Purge film with my friends I did walk out of it completely ADORING the plot and concept of it because it is so different compared to everything else out there that was being released in the genre.Now one series of films I won't accept is the supernatural ghost horror films because the Paranormal films are like up to there 8th film much like Saw was back when it was in its heyday and some people have stopped caring.You do have certain exceptions like The Conjuring and Sinister that made tons of money and still had a great and different story.But nonetheless after seeing The Purge my brother and friend were sort of on the fence about their feelings on the film.They mentioned the story was ok but the acting was just bad and it was too "Perdictable".

Ok now this is where I will sort of grab the wheel and try and drive this to its finish.But whenever I see a film no matter what it is and it is a lot but when it comes down to that door you open to go to the theatre to that hallway you walk down to enter the theatre I literally let my guard down and whatever happens on the screen I am ready for so I know that I can handle it and take it and have fun all together.Now I know when I leave the theatre I am not going to have to guard my house from maniacs who want to break in and Purge or I won't be expecting a high five from Tony Stark sometime in the day because I do know at some point when I leave that it is just a movie.But at the same time when you go your supposed to get caught up in stuff like the plot of a film and when Superman kills General Zod your supposed to be stunned and not go OH NO WAY!!! and call out Snyder on his BS right away.Lately with big films I have seen like Godzilla or the new X-Men film it has been a good time from start to finish and was worth every penny of admission.Now I know there is some films that your suppose to go in and be like "Oh ok this will be either really funny or really gross" much like Snakes On A Plane or the rebooted Evil Dead film.

So in retrospect with what I said earlier I am not trying to just state a big article complaining on and on about how people can't imagine when they go to movies anymore or anything like that and they have every right to an opinion but at the same time just imagine going to have a 5 movie day and seeing Godzilla,X-Men:Days Of Future Past,The Dark Knight,Star Wars and Halloween/Nightmare On Elm St.If you were to watch those films all in one day and left the guard at the door it could definitely be one awesome experience.Like seeing Godzilla you could actually learn to feel sympathy for a monster at times along with the fact that the minimal time that the actors actually have on screen,Where in X-Men its nothing but grade A talent on screen and it makes for something truly special when you see it.The Dark Knight is the one great film that stands above most comic book films and when you mention superhero stories this HAS to be mentioned,of course you HAVE to have Star Wars on there because the story of it is just as iconic and classic as any story you heard when you were a child.With Nightmare On Elm Street or Halloween those are the two Horror staples that stick out the most and will forever be the bar that will be remembered for the time to come and anyone who watches either knows they still hold up as well.

So if you have made it this far in the this thank you for reading and I hope you try this sometime and maybe you will leave the theatre next time just blown away by the results of what could be.

Whats one film on here that made you feel this way?

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The Dark Knight Trailer

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    • dailytop10 profile image


      4 years ago from Davao City

      Remakes everywhere. Movies nowadays are pretty boring. They simply dig up from a pile of famous comic, novel, or even children story characters and do a movie about them with a little bit of twist. So lame. Or am I getting old? haha Non-stop was a good one though as it kept me guessing from start to finish. Good hub. Thanks for sharing and have a great day!


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