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Movies 2011

Updated on October 17, 2010

Must See Movies In 2011

Attention movie buffs! Here's the list of movies that you must see in 2011.


Ong Bak 3: Releasing January 14th 2011

Type of Movie: Action

Summary: Ong Bak 3 is a continuation of Onb Bak 2. Tien is caught and beaten close to death before he is saved. He is taken back to the Kana Khone residents and then proceeds to learn meditation and how to deal with his Karma. However, this peace is short lived as his opponent returns to challenge Tien to a fight to the end


Sinbad: The Fifth Voyage: Releasing sometime January 1st 2011

Type of Movie: Fantasy

Summary: A sorcerer takes the Sultan’s first-born child and Sinbad is asked to retrieve the child in a magical desert.


Green Lantern: Releasing on June 17th 2011

Type of Movie: Superhero action adventure

Summary: A test-pilot is given a magical green ring that presents him with superpowers and an affiliation into an interstellar team that is in charge of keeping peace in the universe.


The Green Hornet: Releasing on January 14th 2011

Type of Movie: Superhero action adventure

Summary: A suave owner of a media empire, Britt Reid, becomes a crime fighter known as The Green Hornet. He recruits his employee and skilled martial artist, Kato, as his sidekick.

Other Notes: The Green Hornet will be released in 3D.


Red Riding Hood: Releasing on March 11th 2011

Type of Movie: Drama, thriller

Summary: The movie is set in a medieval village that is troubled by a werewolf. Here a young girl falls in love with a woodcutter and her family disapproves of their relationship.

Red Riding Hood Movie
Red Riding Hood Movie


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