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Movies About Revenge

Updated on February 2, 2013

My Favourites © Sarah Masson 2011

Revenge can be a very dangerous and evil action. It is a normal human reaction but can be very debilitating and consuming. Some people take revenge way too far and can even end up taking a life or ruining one. Everyone has had the feeling of wanting to get revenge for some reason or another but rarely do we put our thoughts into action. The list of movies below are all based on revenge and the consequences of it.

Bully - Starring the late Brad Renfro, this movie is based on a true story. I couldn't believe what was happening when I watched it and I thought there was no way this could be true. So I looked it up and it was true. It just didn't seem real to me because it was so full on. I'd heard of the movie and decided to give it a go, especially because it was based on a true story. It tells the story of two best friends. One of whom has bullied the other for as long as he can remember. Brad Renfro plays the friend who has been bullied. He gets a new girlfriend and group of friends. The bully is into some weird sexual violence/gay tendencies etc. In fact the whole group is all out of whack. They are crazy, on drugs and when his girlfriend decides that they should kill off the bully, he agrees. The group plan the murder and really carry it out. It's a very shocking story.

Fatal Attraction - This is usually the first movie that comes to mind when someone says revenge. Starring Michael Douglas and Glenn Close, this is a fantastic look at what revenge can bring some people to do. Michael Douglas plays a married man with a child who has an affair with an unstable woman. He tries to break it off with her and when he does, she doesn't take it well. She does crazy things because she can't handle that he is not hers and that he finished the affair. Great movie this one.

Carrie - Based on the book by Stephen King, this is a classic horror movie that will always be remembered and spoken of. Carrie is played by a young Sissy Spacek and I think she does a brilliant job. Carrie has a hard life, she is shy, abused by her overly religious mother and treated badly and teased by class mates. The kids play a cruel joke on Carrie and she gets her revenge at the school prom, after being publicly humiliated.

Heavenly Creatures - This movie is based on a true story. The story is set in the 1950s in New Zealand. It tells the story of two young girls Pauline and Juliet who begin a very intense and strange relationship together. They make up a fantasy world together and play the parts of the royal family. When Juliet falls ill they correspond by letters, writing as themselves and as the characters from their made up world. When Juliet gets better their relationship continues. A doctor suggests that Pauline may be gay, and both families decide to separate the girls. They can't handle this and try to plan an escape. After this fails they then organise the murder of Pauline's mother. They plant a stone along the path that they are walking down and when Pauline's mother bends down to look at it, they bludgeon her to death with a brick in a stocking.

Cape Fear -A great thriller movie starring Robert DeNiro, Nick Nolte and Jessica Lange. Robert DeNiro plays a recently released prisoner who is after revenge on the man he blames for his long prison sentence. He won't stop until he has been repaid for his loss. A very exciting movie, Robert DeNiro is great.

Ghost - Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore shine together in this awesome movie as a lovely couple. After being murdered Sam (Patrick Swayze) is a ghost who meets a lady (Whoopi Goldberg) pretending to be a medium, but she realises that she can actually hear him. Sam asks her to pass on his messages to Molly (Demi Moore) as she is in danger. He ends up getting his revenge on his so called "friend."

Taken - Liam Neeson plays a distressed father who hears his daughters kidnapping over the phone. He will stop at nothing to find his daughter, safe and alive. He doesn't care who gets in his way, he takes on anyone. A very exciting movie.

The Crow - Eric (Brandon Lee) and his fiancée Shelly are murdered the night before their wedding. Shelly is raped and beaten to death while Eric is shot, stabbed and thrown out the window. Exactly one year later a crow taps on his headstone and he comes back to life. His mission is to get revenge for his lost love. A very interesting movie.

Law Abiding Citizen - Gerard Butler plays the role of a man who witnesses the murder of his wife and daughter. He takes revenge to the next level by killing the murderers in gruesome ways. This movie is full of action, very entertaining.

Heathers - A high school movie about a girl named Veronica, a guy called Jason and a group of girls known as The Heathers because they all have that name. They are horrible girls and Veronica and Jason decide to get revenge on them for being so mean. Things go too far and soon everything is out of hand.

Sleepers - Four young friends get sent to a boys home after playing a joke that nearly took someone's life. While in the place they are repeatedly and brutally raped and beaten. When they grow up, two of them come across one of their abusers at a pub. They shoot him to death and then go on trial for murder. This is such a great movie, brilliant actors including: Brad Pitt, Robert DeNiro and Dustin Hoffman.

Valentine - A group of friends start dying around Valentine's Day in gruesome ways. It's a movie similar to Scream or I Know What You Did Last Summer, so if you like those then I'm sure you'll enjoy this movie too.

Some others movies based on revenge:

  • Gladiator
  • Friday The 13th
  • Kill Bill
  • Straw Dogs
  • V For Vendetta
  • Man On Fire
  • Punisher

What's Your Favourite Revenge Movie?

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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      hey, you forgot about "Tamara" its a great "revenge" movie.

    • Deb4FlatTires profile image


      6 years ago from Tennessee

      How about "The War of the Roses"? Great movie!

    • _thats_a_bingo profile image


      7 years ago

      I really enjoy most of the movies on this list! I've gotta say though, my favorite revenge flick(s) is probably the "Kill Bill" films.

    • WillStarr profile image


      7 years ago from Phoenix, Arizona

      I'll nominate the original "Death Wish" as the best revenge movie ever.

    • barbergirl28 profile image

      Stacy Harris 

      7 years ago from Hemet, Ca

      I definitely love that movie Taken. It is the kind of movie that starts and without even blinking it is over. Not once does your mind stray because it is so well written and just goes so fast. Never a dull moment.

      Great hub

    • Cogerson profile image


      7 years ago from Virginia

      Good list...good favorite revenge movie is Payback with Mel Gibson.


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