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Movies Depicting Real Life

Updated on November 16, 2011

The Matrix Movie

The Movie or real life.
The Movie or real life. | Source

The Matrix

What are movies trying to tell us? Do you watch movies simply for entertainment or is there a message that the producer is trying to convey to their audience? There are books that depict reality, there are plays that depict reality and there are movies that are not documentaries that depict reality. The Matrix is basically an idea that society is living in a dream world of everyday normal living, you work, play, and start all over again the following day. There are terms such as "rat race", "hamster wheel", and "the world is round." When watching the movie your realize the characters are living a fictitious life and if given the choice would they want to wake up and see reality or would they want to remain in their dream like state of mind.

When watching this movie the people living their every day life is not aware of their situation, like Neo (Keanu Reeves) is a regular person that has a 9 to 5 job that he hates and does some type of mind information pirating on the side, if you think about TV, Movies, Commercials, Games, and books kinda do the same thing it actual takes your mind away from reality, so in essence he could be a person that actual pirates movies etc... and resells them on the street. Neo is not aware of what is going on around him until his whole world is brought to the attention of one man Morpheus (Lawrence Fishburne) and everything is in a sequence of mind travel until Neo is freed from his prison and made into a hero. So you are thinking get to the point how can this relate to real life?

Think about this: We are living day after day in a similar hamster wheel some of us are aware of each day but if you think about it most of our days are the same with some changes now and then. When you listen to the news it seems like the world is in the same predicament it was in when World War I, II, the Korean conflict, etc... The economy went haywire during those times and yet people managed to adapt, however, the TV was not blasting every hour on the hour how terrible the economy was and how awful the job market was, now granted there was the radio, word of mouth and not to mention people could see with their own eyes but for the most part people were resilient and they were able to bounce back by making changes. There were those who took advantage of the down economy by thinking outside of the box and became wealthy, starting business filling a need for society. However, there were those that felt there was no hope and either gave up or gave in to what they saw was the way they thought life was. Were they living in The Matrix? Why is it so difficult for people to move on? Is everything actually the way we see it or is it the way they the Agents that protect the chaos wants us to see it? There was a book that came out years ago called "1994" it spoke about big brother and how the government had control over peoples minds and thoughts by using commercialism and propaganda, is it possible that this exists today? We know that commercials are how business obtain customers it's an avenue of advertisement so that means the more commercials the more attention they get the more people are convinced to purchase that product, the money is exchanged for purchase and the economy can flourish. So if that is the case why is the economy in such an awful state now? Could it be that it is all in our minds and if we just wanted too we could change the economy by our actions or thinking outside of the box (television) so to speak? Think about it this way every time the country is in a downward trend there are people that create new business ideas and new ways to sustain the economy. Just like Morpheus he had a dream of a savior so to speak or a person who will bring The Matrix to an end so that people can live a normal life but actually what is normal? Is it living day by day working 40 hours or more a week in a dead end job that they only way you could ever get promoted is if you paid some school to give you a degree that might not even help you get a job because you don't have experience in that field and then you would have to pay the degree back even though you are not using it. Is a normal way of life living check to check wondering when you will be called into the office for that talk that no one wants to talk about? What is normal? What is real and what is fake? The fact that Neo didn't believe until he freed his mind of the processed junk he was being fed through The Matrix he realized that life was and could be much more than everyday struggle going nowhere. Do you ever wonder are you in a Matrix that was created by someone else? Are you a free spirit finding your own way? That's for you to decide or is it?

"In Time"

What would you do if you only had 24 hours?
What would you do if you only had 24 hours? | Source

What would you do in 24 hours of your life?

The movie "In Time" depicted 2 people from different parts of the economy trying to save their own lives as well as others. When watching this movie it brought to mind how the rich and the poor are depicted or treated in real life. There are several people that give to the less fortunate and that is admirable however, why is it that they are called the less fortunate? This movie showed how the rich can buy more time and the poor had to accumulate more time by working but the taxes, fees, and living expenses were costing them more and more time. As their time ran out so did their life. It got me thinking what would I do if I had 24 hours to complete anything whether it be a simple task to something profound. I came to the conclusion that if 24 hours was all I had my simple task would be to help one person to live a better, happier, and healthier life, to be grateful for everything that life is offering and to not give up on their dream no matter what. If it was something profound I would give the rest of my time to someone that could do good for others, to someone who would not waste it on things that have no meaning or no fulfillment.

This movie begs the question, is it true that things cost more time/money for the poor than for the rich? Well technically, if you want to look at that way then yes, the interest rates are higher for those that have less money, case in point: if you want to buy a house and do not have A1 credit you will need at least 20% down along with a substantial amount of money in the bank, less debt, and a good job. In this economy banks are not lending to those who have less than average credit or debt and so you work hard to bring yourself out of the whole to get what you want, but the more you work the more is taken. Another scenario is that as an average Joe or middle class person you have not only bills to pay, living expenses, and family to take care of but you have expenses that happen such as automobile or home maintenance and repair not to mention being able to maintain or obtain employment. If you watch the news long enough the reports will scare you into thinking that it is not enough of gas/oil, food, water, etc...which is not true. If you think jobs are scarce then why is it that there are still places that are prospering? According to the movie there is a balance between the wealthy and the poor, the wealthy have to keep the stock market of time going up the way they accomplish this is to steal time from the poor by hiring someone from that side of town to steal from their own people and that way they can sell it back to the wealthy to keep a ratio of the wealthy to the poor. The problem is that poor know their poor and do things like drink excessively, gamble, stay out late and party but the wealthy are in a town where they have more time than they know what to do with. Now we know that staying 25 forever would be nice also, however, if you were to stay 25 but only had 24 hours to live what good would it be? It's an interesting movie it gave me a lot to think about, such as what am I spending my time on? I learned recently about how our minds can be used to jail us or set us free. I believe this was the case or thought in this movie as well, your mind can jail you if you don't use your time wisely or you mind can set you free if you use your time in such a way that you can live forever and always have more time. There were also the time keepers, making sure the unwanted were not obtaining more time than they should however, it didn't make sense because the time keepers only received enough time to do their job for the day which seems like a sad situation since they were protecting the rich more than the poor. I suggest you to see this movie and think for yourself and see if this is something that can depict life today. It doesn't matter what stage of life you are in wealthy or not when you see this movie you will see it from your side only. If you are person that was a millionaire such as the person I know that was a millionaire, always helped people and took care of their family, never lived too much above their stature but always willing to help others, a business owner employing over hundreds of people in the construction industry and all of a sudden the bottom falls out, you loose your family, your home and your business and have to start over you might see this movie in a different light. The movie left me hanging in the end which means a sequel but we shall see.

Favorite Movie


Are Movies trying to tell us something

There are movies that are documentaries, information, or just plain entertainment but sometimes if we pay close attention movies can give us life lessons. The example of "Happy Feet" yes, this is a cartoon, I can relate to this cartoon so much, an extraordinary penguin that the lost the ability to sing and was ridiculed by his own people and shunned by his own family because he found his own voice in dancing. It was not dancing that was the problem it was because he chose to be who he was which was different from everyone thought was normal. Do we judge people for making decisions that we wouldn't make? I am sure that Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, and Eli Whitney had their share of people doubting their dreams also. As of today we are still using the light bulb, driving Fords, and we are wearing cotton shirts, underwear etc... What would people say if you decided to invent something that was out of this world and then all of a sudden years later people are still using this same invention, are their any Steve Jobs out there willing to take the plunge.

There are funny movies out there that make you want to scream out what in the world were they thinking such as "Mall Cop" it's a simple story line but really all it's about is a regular working class guy that loves his daughter and wants to have a date with a really good looking young lady. He had to find the courage to help others everyday in his job but this time he was put to the test to really save lives when normally he would just eat donuts and take care of his daughter. There are people that go to work everyday with no frills in their life then all of a sudden they had to make a decision that cause them to save a life, think about those Chilean Miners, they went to work as they always did and found themselves stuck yet it took several engineers and them losing weight but they were freed. Another example is those men and women in 9/11, those that were arriving to work as it happened and those who were already at work, we don't even know half the stories of what people did out of the ordinary that made them hero's but if in a situation where you had to do something could you step out of your normal life to save another? I know that is drastic to look at a funny movie and compare it to real life situations, actually, there are so many instances that we are all hero's everyday and don't even know it.

One more movie I would like to bring to your attention, its my favorite movie of all times, "Ever After" with Drew Barrymore. Yes, it's a Cinderella movie, however, no magic, no mice turning into horses etc... it's a real girl living in a situation that a lot of kids are finding themselves in today with step-parents that don't care or love them as much as their own children. It's an awful state to be in, I can truly understand, I was Cinderella in my life. There are children that live in a situation where their parent has remarried and their new step-parent has treated them as though they are an alien or don't exist. It's sad but it's true, I have seen it with my own eyes and experienced it. I know that it doesn't happen to all step-families, I am a step-mom myself and I love my step-children but I don't call them step-children I call them my children. I love them as though they were my own. Their mother is still in their lives but I feel as though i am their mother also. This Cinderella movie is unlike all the other movies that Cinderella needed a fairy god mother to help her escape from her situation, this one was a fighter. She found herself having to fight her way through her own household just to be treated human not to mention as a daughter. This was a powerful movie about finding your own way and becoming your own person. She was humble and yet was able to overcome her adversities by doing what she knew was right. There are so many dysfunctional families in this world and there are so may beautiful children suffering within them, it such a relief that there are children raised in these situations that become stronger adults and learn that this is not the way to treat others no matter who they are. I have learned that in my life. I have learned that children are precious, they are to be protected yet taught to defend their beliefs in a civilize way. The dreams of children are to be nurtured because we as adults at one time had dreams before the every day life over taken us. Children reminds us that dreams are still real and can come true if we believe in them and never give up. Where is the child in us? Where are the astronauts, doctors, lawyers, veterinarians and such? What happened? We should always dream of being better than what we are and never stop reading and learning. Movies are sometimes the windows to the mind.


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