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List of Historical War Epic Movies Like Kingdom of Heaven

Updated on April 23, 2011

Why We Love Movies Like Kingdom of Heaven

Kingdom of Heaven is a historical movie of epic scale that appeals to me on many different levels.

Here are some elements that makes movies like Kingdom of Heaven an intense cinematic experience:

  • The inspiring story of a heroes redemption
  • The ground shaking epic historical battles
  • The deadly clash of believes & perspective

Read on to discover more great movies that share all or most of the above elements with Kingdom of Heaven.

Robin Hood

This is another film that is set around the same historical era as movies like Kingdom of Heaven.

One plus point for this big screen version of Robin Hood is that it is directed by Ridley Scott, who also gave us the heart stirring Kingdom of Heaven and the blood and honour of Gladiators. Coincidentally it also stars Russel Crowe who is in top heroic form in this film.

King Arthur

Clive Owens and an all star cast flesh out this updated legendary tale of the knights of the round table.

It features some of the most exciting up close and personal battle scenes that is sure to impress. You are sure to love this legendary & timeless tale of love and honour that also star the delectably Keira Knightley.

The Last Samurai

Even though it is set in a different historical period and region from Kingdom of Heaven. The Last Samurai shares many of the same elements that made it such a memorable epic film.

Tom Cruise is in inspiring form in The Last Samurai. With a story set against a backdrop of different cultures. It is also a tale about honour, redemption and the courage to stand up for your believes. 

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