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List of Suspense Thriller Movies Like Shutter Island

Updated on August 28, 2011

Reality, Nightmare or Dreams

Having watched Shutter Island more than a few times I can safely say that it is a unique movie.

It starts off like a crime mystery film with two cops arriving at an islandĀ institutionĀ to solve a mystery. Then the sense of dread grows as it slowly feels like a horror movie when the lines between reality and nightmare starts to blur.

This is a great movie from director Martin Scorsese and starring Leonardo DiCaprio. Read to see my list of other great movies like Shutter Island.

Movie Trailer of Shutter Island


Without giving away too much of the plot twists, Identity is one movie similar to Shutter Island psychological thriller feel. The protagonist in this case is John Cusack who is stuck with a group of seemingly unrelated people at a motel with a killer on the loose.

The sense of paranoia that builds as this film unfolds is quite similar to that of Shutter Island where you know something strange is going on and don't know who to trust.

Movie Trailer of Identity


Gothika is an even darker than Shutter Island in that Halle Berry thinks she is a doctor but wake up to find herself as a mental patient. Is she insane or is something more sinister at work.

Who can you trust when you can't even trust your own sanity? This movie also stars Penelope Cruz who is a great plus.

Penelope Cruz and Halle Berry still managing to look good considering their institutional situation.
Penelope Cruz and Halle Berry still managing to look good considering their institutional situation.

Movie Trailer of Gothika

The Uninvited

I like to think of The Uninvited as a sort of teenage version of Shutter Island and Gothika combined.

It stars Emily Browning who is perfect in the role of the innocent vulnerable teenager who is recovering from a mental breakdown. This is one movie where you might watch again to see if you can catch the subtle clues that points to the explosive ending.

This movie is also rare in that it captures the mystery feel of Shutter Island with the scary supernatural like in Gothika.


Movie Trailer of Suspense Thriller "The Uninvited"

Ain't Life an Extra Long Dream?

If you love the dream like quality of "Shutter Island" then you probably will feel right at home watching one of DiCaprio's most complicated movie that is "Inception".

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