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List of Epic War & Romance Movies Like Troy

Updated on May 4, 2011

Everyone Loves Historical War Epics

Troy is definitely arguably one of the greatest historical war epic to come along in a long time.

What makes it stands out is the timeless appeal of love and lust that flows across the historical canvas of all out war.

The film was also blessed with a talented cast of including Brad Pit and directed by the steady hand of Wolfgang Petersen. It was also a great bonus that the beautiful Diane Kruger stars as the infamous Helen of Troy. 

Movie Trailer of Troy - Scene from Achilles Vs Hector

Achilles on the Prowl in the war epic Troy

The mighty Achilles on the Prowl in Troy
The mighty Achilles on the Prowl in Troy


The movie 300 does share some similarities with Troy. Although it has an overall darker tone in terms of both the cinematography and the depiction of the characters. There's also a dash of fantasy flavor in its depiction of the both sides especially that of the mighty Persian God King and his minion armies.

Movies like Troy is about the timeless tales of love, comraderie, lust and betrayals that plays out in epic battles of blood and gore. This all also the exact same themes that reverberates in 300.

Movie Trailer of 300 - Insane Fight Scene

Kingdom of Heaven

Kingdom of Heaven is a movie that deals with the complex issue of religion and war. But it is also a movie that rival the battle scenes of Troy with its picture perfect epic battles, and its depth of history perspectives.

The director's cut version is the powerful and multi-layered story of love, faith and sacrifice that Ridley Scott had intended. Unlike most other director's cut this version actually transforms it from the good movie at the theaters into a great movie with ideas and emotions that reverberates long after you have seen it.  

Movie Trailer of Kingdom of Heaven


Movies like Troy will definitely be compare to its predecessors like Alexander, directed by Oliver Stone.

The movie Alexander has the same epic feel to Troy although it meanders sometimes which can be a good thing for some people. Oliver Stone's Final Cut version is in my opinion is best one as it provides more backing character developments and gives a more coherent flow to this epic tale of one of the greatest leaders of all time.

If you like Troy then why not give Alexander a try. 

Movie Trailer of Alexander


If you loved Gerard Butler in 300 then you might want to give the movie Attila a try.

This is a mostly accurate historical retelling about the Attila the Hun and his famous battles including the battle of the Catalunian Plains. However do note that this being a hollywood film, there are some parts that add to the enjoyment of the movie but might not be historically consistent.   

Helen of Troy

If you thoroughly enjoyed the movie Troy and want to see of the stories about Helen of Troy.

Why not go this 4 hour mini-series Helen of Troy a try. This series was filmed in exotic locales and boost an international cast with stunning special effects.

Share Your Views and More Movies Like Troy

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    • stevenho128 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      Thanks for the support. Kingdom of Heaven does have a lot of depth.

    • Cogerson profile image


      7 years ago from Virginia

      I am right there with you about Troy, 300 and especially Kingdom of Heaven(I think in time ...the director's cut will be a classic of this time frame....I love the ant scene at the end....when the wall comes down and the two armies battle each other).....but I do fall of your bandwagon with Alexander....I have sat through two of Stone's 39 versions of Alexander....I just do not think it is a good movie....maybe it is the actors.....because the source of the story is a great one...voted up


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