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10 Best Teen Movies Like Wild Child

Updated on June 25, 2020
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Rahul is a movie addict who can never get enough of good films. His all time favorites are Inception, 12 Angry Men, and Scarface.

Wild Child is a story about a teenage girl who annoys her father and gets sent away to a boarding school. The whole movie is about her journey from being a spoiled brat to a becoming a boarding school girl.

It’s a great mix of some comedy and romance that makes it one of the must-watch movies. Yes, it’s predictable. It won’t make you rethink your outlook on life, but it’s still a fun movie with a profound message.

If you are into films like Wild Child, you are going to love all the films listed below. Without any further ado, let’s take a look at them.

Mean Girls

The plot revolves around Lindsay Lohan, a high school girl who is trying to get along with others. Everything works out fine until she comes across a clique of girls, who torture and shame her in every possible way.

At first glance, Mean Girls just seem like one of those teen high school movies that come and goes, and everybody forgets about it. But if you decide to give it a go, you find out that script is actually original and imaginative. Everything from plot to the storyline is perfect. Not only teens but adults who have been through the same thing or witnessed what happens in high school can relate to it. Mark Waters (the director) seems to understand just what people want from a teen comedy. He has kept it short but it still is really entertaining and relatable. The flak this movie gets it just out of my comprehension. To each his own. If you are into movies like Wild Child, however, you’d dig it.

Princess Diaries

This is a story of a 15-year-old teen living in San Francisco living with her mom. When she finds out that her father was the prince of Genovia, and she is going to be the princess as he is dead now, she must make choice to stay where she is or step up to become the princess. When she makes her choice, her grandmother teaches her how to be a true princess. Will a social unfit girl be able to rule them all?

The story is predictable for the most part, which is no real surprise when you consider how rest of contemporary teen movies turn out these days. At the very least, Princess Diaries is an enjoyable movie. The director makes us believe in a very unlikely event and teaches us a subtle, profound life lesson. If you are looking for some good teen movies like Mean Girls, this one should be right up your alley.

The Clique - A teen movie like Mean Girls

Based on a series of books authored by Lisi Harrison, The Clique revolves around Massie Block, a mean, narcissistic pre-teen girl, who is the leader of “The Pretty Committee” – an all-girls clique that is feared all over school. But things take a different turn when a family, who happens to be friends with her Block’s family, moves to Massie’s guest house. Massie must do something to protect her superficial position in school and undermine this new girl, who just happens to live in her guest house. The only problem that stands in her way is that she is self-assured and confident of whom she is. A rivalry begins. Will they ever come to terms with each other?

Don’t pay attention to most of the negative review. Some people have read the books, and apparently, they don’t like the fact that the movie deviates from some of the events of the books. I for one have read the books as well as watched the movie. Both are amazing.

Bring It On - One of the most underrated movies like Wild Child

When an award-winning cheerleading squad finds out that their perfect routines have been stolen by some other squad, they must figure out something pretty quickly to compete in this year’s championships.

I thought that the director Peyton Reed and writer Jessica Benduinger has done justice to their part of jobs. The directing is smart while the writing is sharp, to the point, thought-provoking and authentically funny.

Thankfully, Bring it On manages to avoid all the teen drama cliché that plagues the other similar kinds of movies. What impressed me more than anything else was a warm and beautiful chemistry between Eliza Dushku and Kirsten Dunst, carrying the whole movie on their shoulders.

Sleepover - One of the best cheesy movies like Wild Child

In an attempt to improve their social status amongst everyone, four best friends gather for a sleepover just before their freshman year in high school. Their plan includes scavenging hunting against their rivals. What they don’t know is, this night is going to be one of their most adventurous nights ever. From car hijacking to first ever kiss, they are leaving no stones unturned. One hell of a sleepover.

Although this movie is certainly meant for a pre-teen audience, it doesn’t mean that adults can’t have a little laugh. Certain scenes are cheesy and uncalled for, but most of the other sequences are relatable. I found this movie to be entertaining and cute.

If you are into movies like Wild Child, you’d like what Sleepover has to offer. Just don’t watch it with your family.

Flipped - A romantic comedy like Wild Child

This is the story about Judi Baker, a girl who has been in love with his neighbor ever since she was a kid. She was smitten when she saw Bryce’s blue eyes for the first time in second grade. Unfortunately, Bryce doesn’t have the same feelings for her. She’s just a weirdo to him, who likes sitting on trees for a long period of time. This is until he starts seeing Judi in a totally different light, ad realizing that he is falling in love with her. Judi, on the other hand, is beginning to realize that there is nothing more to Bryce than his big blue eyes. Is it too late for him?

You’ll get to see each major even in this movie twice – from both their viewpoints. They’re the same events, but their views and perceptions differ. This might sound a little monotonous at first, but this is what strikes a chord with your heart. In fact, this way of storytelling is so effective that it leaves a long-lasting impression on you.

Flipped is one of the best romantic movies like Wild Child that manages to squeeze in a little bit of humor, drama and romance in just the right proportions. I found this movie to be innocent and cute in many ways. A must watch!

Odd Girl Out

Vanessa, who used to be as popular girl in school, happens to fall in love with the same guy Stacey, the queen bee of school, is in love with. When everyone in her school finds out about it, they start bullying and shaming her. Will she fight back and take a stand?

This movie can get to you, especially if you’ve been an odd one in your school. This movie manages to portray high school for what it really is – a tough place for those who can’t socialize well enough. If the popular kids are not on your side, you are in for some trouble. No matter what, you gotta give them a taste of their own medicine; you have to fight back.

You can compare this Wild Child with Mean Girls. It’s a little bit more on the dramatic side, but in a good way. A cynic would say the plot idea was stolen from movies like Wild Child. Give it a shot. You are in for an emotional ride.

Monte Carlo - One of the most innocent movies like Wild Child

The plot surrounds around three women on vacation in Paris. Things don’t go as they’d planned when one of them I mistaken for a British heiress. Before they come to terms with it, they find themselves in Monte Carlo.

This movie perfectly portrays what can happen when you’re mistaken for someone else. Some people have gone on record to say that it’s predictable and boring, but I’d like to disagree. There is a certain degree of predictability, but Monte Carlo will definitely entertain you.

Everything from storyline, direction to characters is perfect. You’d end up liking all three girls by the end of this movie whether you liked them initially or not.

If you’re looking for movies like Wild Child with no nudity, sex scenes or swearing, you’ve landed on a perfect place. Perfect for early teens!

Legally Blonde - An intelligent movie similar to Wild Child

Legally Blonde tells the story of a blonde (if it wasn’t already obvious), who gets duped by her boyfriend. She sets out in a quest to get him back. Ultimately, she ends up in his law school, and realizes she is savvier than she thought.

I wasn’t really expecting much from Legally Blonde. At best, I was expecting a bunch of aggressive sexual jokes with some clever double meaning comments, but what I ended up with was pleasantly surprising. It’s humorous, romantic and intelligent for the better part. The jokes are original. Yes, the plot is a little bewilderish, but it never digresses., The whole movie stays on track for the most part, and manages to deliver a profound message. Overlook the cheesiness, which isn’t too bad either.

If you are looking for an intelligent, sweet movie like Wild Child, Legally Blonde should be right up your alley.

Blow Dry – One of the best original movies like Wild Child

A film about hairdressing? It could have gone either way. Thankfully, though, a strong cast and some good writing didn’t let the ship sink. Telling anything about the movie will be futile sine it will sound boring and ridiculous anyway. You are better off getting on it straightaway. Yes, it’s hard to believe, but a movie about hairdressing can be interesting, imaginative and original.

Humor doesn’t have to be sexual, aggressive, offensive or vulgar. It can be original, fresh, complex and uplifting. ‘Blow Dry’ is an example of a humor movie done right.


There are tons of Teen movies popping left and right all the time. These are just a few of them that I have watched. If you think anything else should be added to this list or removed from it, let me know in the comments section.


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      kiki rose 

      3 years ago

      thank u so much for these interesting movies


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