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Movies My Girlfriend Needs To See.

Updated on August 21, 2015


I, Ryan Smith, really love movies.
Don't get me wrong, I'm a book first kinda guy.
If a movie comes out, and it's based on a book, not only am I inclined to read the book first, but I'll probably insist the written version was superior.
However, sometimes I just wanna plop on my bed, zone out, and get lost in a flick.

My girlfriend...
Well... She's different.
She's been too busy raising baby ducks, working seventeen jobs, and trying to convince people that she isn't Anna Kendrick to watch too many movies.
Which is great.
Really, all of the character building has paid off and I'm quite fond of the person she is.
I'm so fond of it, I wouldn't change a thing about her.
Not a single thing.
Not at all...

Eeeeeeexcept for this.
I love my movies.
I can re-watch some of these movies a billion times.
And I plan to!
So if she wants to stick around... Here are a few flicks that she has to see.

Author's Note.

I am in absolutely no way insinuating that any of these movies are good.
I know that sounds crazy-banana-pants considering the topic of the list, but these are just movies I thoroughly enjoy and re-watch on a relatively frequent basis.
This list is just for fun, folks.

The Dark Knight Trilogy

Anyone who knows me knows I'm a massive batfan.
I have all of them on DVD (and VHS), excluding the puntastic Batman and Robin for... obvious reasons.
I read the comics, I play the games, I even fight crime on summer nights.
My girlfriend, however... does not share this passion.
We've bickered about it way too many times, but she refuses to see the appeal of a normal guy who fights crime without super powers. She prefers heroes like Spider-Man.
Or... Rather, she prefers heroes played by Andrew Garfield.

Even with this beard???
Even with this beard???

So... If she's not down with the campiness of Batman's character, obviously sitting through the 80's and 90's movies would be like pulling teeth.
So, I think I'll sit her down and make her watch the most recent trilogy.

Why I Love It-
It's kinda self-explanatory. I love Batman. I'm at least a little intrigued in everything Bat-related.
Having said that, the Dark Knight trilogy separates itself from not only other Batman movies, but superhero movies in general by...
Not really being a superhero movie.
It's not campy.
It's not silly.
It's not over the top.
It's a little dark, the casting is fantastic, and the plot is exciting.
Not to mention, Heath Ledger's performance as the Joker in the second movie... It's legendary.

Why I Think You'll Like It-
Frankly... I don't know if you will.
I think you hate Batman so much, that you won't give the movies a chance.
I'm only asking that you give Batman... and his movies a chance.

Ten Things I Hate About You

I know, I know, I just outed myself.
I'll never be able to walk into a Buffalo Wild Wings again.
Better stop writing about sports because my man-card has been revoked.
The truth is, I was in middle school the first time I sat down and watched this movie with my sister, and something about it resonated with me.
Based on Shakespeare's "The Taming of the Shrew", Ten Things I Hate About You is a romantic comedy based in Seattle with easily the most 90's plot of all time.

Why I Love It-
Nostalgia aside?
It's quirky, it's got a fun soundtrack, it features Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Heath Ledger before they hit it big, and it tugs at my heartstrings.
Plus it's based in Seattle!

Why I Think You'll Like It-
Because the tone of the movie is very snarky.
Firstly, it's the girliest title on this list, and if anyone walks in on us watching it, I'm going to insist you're forcing me.
Secondly, I know how much you love... *gulp* The Gilmore Girls, and it shares the same rambling, sarcastic sense of humor.

The Back To The Future Trilogy

Whoa Doc... This is heavy.
I know, I know, you insist you've seen these movies before...
But then there was that one time...
When we walked into the living room...
And it was on TV...
And you didn't know what it was...

It wasn't a Johnny B. Goode moment for us.
That might have been the moment I decided not to kiss you, and then we'd never grow old and have babies, and Marty would disappear forever.
Not making sense?
That's. Because. You. Haven't. Seen. Them.
That's about to change.

Why I Love It-
What's not to love? Honestly. Sure, the sequels aren't great, but they're still charming in their own special ways, and the first one...
Phew. Changed my life.
The soundtrack is killer, the acting is over the top in the way that only 80's movies can be, and the plot is just deep enough to let you float through it.

Why I Think You'll Like It-
Your eyes and ears both work.
It's so much fun! It's cheesy, and a little over the top, but I've never met a single person who doesn't love Back to the Future.


Ahhhh Scream.
You either love it or you hate it.
While not necessarily scary, it pokes fun at all of the slasher cliches without sacrificing the occasional thrill, all while paired with a "who done it" vibe and without sinking to sex and fart jokes like "Scary Movie" later would.

While not inherently scary, Scream is my favorite scary movie (fans of the movie chuckled there), and we tried to watch it once, but we had to leave before we could really get into the plot.

Why I Love It-
The dry wit, the excellent chemistry, the nostalgia, and the tongue-in-cheek of it all.
Wes Craven might be better known for Nightmare on Elm Street, but I think Scream is his second best movie (More on that in a moment). It's smart, it's sexy, and it's easy to watch.

Why I Think You'll Like It-
Essentially for the same reasons I do. We've discussed before how we're just too damn smart for the jumpscare genre of horror movies, and don't like to be talked down to. Scream has fun with the audience and the plot, and I think you'll really enjoy that.
Plus... I'm just gonna assume you love anything from the 90's.

Red Eye

In my almost meaningless opinion, I think this is Wes Craven's best movie.
It's smart, it's sexy, it's well cast, the music is great, and despite the setting barely changing, you really feel like you're going on a ride.
Cillian Murphy and Rachel McAdams carry the thriller with their dialogue alone and it's fantastic.

Why I Love It-
I love all the actors. I love the writing. I love everything about this movie.
It's a masterpiece and hideously underrated.

Why I Think You'll Like It-
While it doesn't have the plot twist that "A Perfect Getaway" did, the tone is very similar. It's a very smart movie, and I really can't sell it enough. You're going to have to watch it for yourself.


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